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6 Obvious Signs that Will Tell You It’s Time For a Fence Repair

Fences are one of the most important property installations that every homeowner should consider having.

These not only provide an added layer of security but also can enhance the overall appeal of a landscape. Thus, significantly increasing the value of the whole property.

But even a sturdy installation like fences are not immune to damage.

There will come a time when visible damages will appear on the surfaces that will make you think of replacing it or having a fence repair.

But how can you know exactly when to do this? What are the obvious signs that will make you finally consider having a fence repair for your property?

Before Reading

There is a need to establish that this list will only include the general and most common signs that a homeowner may encounter.
Some items may not necessarily apply to some types of fences while others are applicable to all fence materials.

There are many types of fence installation materials like wood, vinyl, concrete, and chain-link.

These materials are composed of different elements so some damage signs are different.

1. Rotting

One day you went outside your garden and saw an unsightly appearance in some slabs of your wooden fence.

A specific area seems to be too dark and when you touch it, it’s soft and spongy.

This is one of the most apparent and obvious signs that your fence needs some repair or replacement.

Rotting typically occurs to fence materials that are wooden.

Even if wood undergoes treatment to prevent it from rotting, after quite some time, some slabs might slowly rot, especially when subjected to constant conditions of moisture.

So when you see your wooden fence suffering from rot, this is a sign that your fence needs some instant repair. If not taken seriously, this rot may spread out to your whole enclosure.

We’ve created a post specifically for this issue: How to fix a rotten fence.

2. Rusting

If wood or vinyl may suffer from rotting, iron and metal fences can be subjected to rusting.

Hand worker holding brush painting white on wood - Big Easy Fences Although rusting is not much of a problem nowadays because of advancement in home tech and R&D, this can still occur after some years or a decade.

Any fence material such as chain-link fence and steel fence can be susceptible from rust.

This happens when the iron material is subjected to constant exposure to moisture. To prevent this happening or at least delay the process, paint or spray-on metal primers are used.

Once you see your metal fence turn orange-brown like iron oxide, this is a sign that your fence is in dire need of new coating.

3. Leaning

There is nothing more annoying than fixing a fence that tilts or leans over to a side.

If today you fix the fences to stand upright, after a few days, you notice that it tilts to one side again. So when this happens over and over again, this is a sign that the fence needs some fixing.

At the onset when fences are installed, the builder or contractor uses a strong foundation for each post to keep them upright.

But over time due to natural causes, these foundations may start to crumble.

Thus, the visible parts of the fences start to loosen and lean forward or backward.

4. Broken and or Missing Boards and Bricks

One of the most noticeable signs of damage in a fence installation is a broken or missing board. These damages can be in the form of cracks and holes.

Wooden, vinyl, and concrete fences are the usual types of fences that may show a broken or damaged part.

Wooden and vinyl fence installations are susceptible to external forces such as strong winds and rain that may result in cracks and holes.

Meanwhile, a concrete fence may also start to crumble over time and this can be seen through cracks and breaks in the bricks.

5. Insect and Pest Damage

For a wooden fence installation, a problem that may occur is surface damage caused by living organisms like insects.

Man nailing a fence - Big Easy Fences Ants, termites, and bees are spread out across the whole United States so this problem can be pretty difficult to avoid (unless you live in Alaska where termites can’t thrive because of extreme coldness).

So how can you determine if your wooden fence suffers from pest damage?

Slabs of wood damaged by insects may resemble that of a rotting wood. A specific part of the wood becomes softer and even hollow because the pests have eaten it.

Before spreading to the whole fence, the wooden slabs in question need to be replaced. Likewise, a chemical solution treatment may be needed to exterminate the remaining insects to prevent the same problem from happening again.

6. Noisy and Loose Posts and Hinges

One fine day when a strong wind suddenly comes across your area, you hear the cringing and creaking sound of noisy metals going on and on.

You immediately realize that the sound comes from your metal or chain-link fence. What a bummer!

If you constantly experience this, it may be a sign that the integrity of your fence structure is slowly deteriorating. Before it gets worse, you may need to contact your local contractor to have it fixed.

How Often Are You Supposed to Replace Your Fence?

Now that you know some obvious signs that will tell you a fence repair is in order, knowing when to replace the whole thing comes in order.

There is really no definite frequency as to when you need to replace your fence. This will depend on the type of fence material you use and the quality of how you maintain it.

However, experts say that replacement of fences should go around every 10 years. So it should be safe to follow this advice.

But if you really need a sure and exact answer based on the current situation of your fence installation, you may contact Big Easy Fences.

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