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5 Best Affordable Designs When Getting a Fence For Your Big Dog

Getting your dog happily romping and running around your yard takes more than just bringing them out there and hoping for the best. Aiming for both protection and freedom for your pets is challenging, especially for big dogs who may believe that the grass is greener elsewhere.

Before your big dog turns into a master escape artist, learn the affordable designs when getting a fence for your big dog. Dogs will sometimes see something outside their boundary that they think threatens your home so they need to get out there and ward it off or they may just have this incredible energy that requires more outlets over the fence.

Whatever the reason for dogs jumping over fences, you can help prevent the escape by installing an affordable but durable fence throughout the perimeter of your yard. Here are some ideas to keep your big canine contained.

Affordable Fencing Designs for Canine Containment

Dog Inside Chain Link fences - Big Easy Fences Fencing involves the type of material you will use and the design that is suitable for dog-occupied yards. Traditional fences are used for decorative purposes, privacy, and protection of a property, but they lack the strength and security to keep your big dog contained. Learn the affordable designs when getting a fence for your big canine from a dog owner’s perspective. It is arranged in the approximate order of the security they provide:

PVC Deer Block Netting

This will work as a temporary fence that may not be stylish for your yard. However, it is the easiest and most affordable design when getting a fence for your big dog. Here are the reasons for these benefits:

  • These fences are made of PVC, which are highly flexible and generally inexpensive compared to their counterpart fence materials.
  • They are portable fences that are easy to disassemble and perfect for temporary usage—take the PVC off the roll, pull out the stakes, and store it until you need it again.
  • You can use many different stakes like green metal fence posts. All you have to do is hammer them into the ground and spread the mesh while attaching it to the posts.

A recommended post is The Everbilt 1 in. x 3 in. x 7 ft. Green Steel U Fence Post has the following outstanding features:

    • A subtle appearance that you can use to contain your dog from your garden while keeping your beautiful garden view without distraction
    • Durable material that maintains its look in all types of climates
    • Easy to install
    • Affordable

You can ask for suggestions from your local hardware store on which PVC gauge is strong enough to fence in your big canine. An example that works for a Golden Retriever is a 7 ft. x 100 ft. Deer Block Netting.

There are also fence kits available that feature the Deer Block Netting like the Benner’s Best Friend Dog Fence, humane fencing that ensures your dog safety, while still providing the freedom for your dog to run and play in a designated area. The top features of this fence are:

  • Does not include an electric shock – a humane feature
  • The polypropylene plastic is UV light resistant
  • High-strength
  • Unsurpassed quality
  • DIY fence
  • Can be installed as a movable fence or a permanent enclosure

Metal Wire Fences

Farm with Metal Wire Fences - Big Easy Fences When you want an affordable design when getting a fence for your big dog that has decorative features and can be more permanent, you can choose the welded wire mesh and chain link fence. Both are sturdy, affordable, and easy to install. Most materials that are needed for these fences are also readily available from your local home improvement store so you can install your f

fence in just one day.

  • Welded Wire Mesh

    The Green PVC coated 16-GAuge Welded Wire is the recommended gauge of a durable galvanized steel for large dogs. Welded wire mesh fences are a quick and affordable fence idea that is a reliable means for keeping your big dog contained in your yard. All you need for this fence design are:

    • Metal or Wooden Stakes or Wooden Panels
    • Wire Fencing
    • Hammer

When all the hammering is done and the wire mesh is installed, you have a secure and durable fence that is functional and aesthetic. All this within a few hours. Well, that depends on the area you are enclosing but for an average-size yard, you can get done in less than a day.

You can also add some flair to a simple welded wire fence like an intricate design, cross-hatching, or lattice fence toppers or add some whimsy by incorporating decorative elements.

Chain Link Dog Fencing

Although this type of fencing is more expensive than its welded wire mesh counterpart, it is still a more affordable design than a wooden fence. You can install chain link dog fences with metal pipes as stakes and then simply attach the chain link to the posts.

Chain link fences are incredibly durable and are well-suited for large yards. But for big dogs that are climbers, they provide your dog with easy footholds so make sure to install a tall version (those over 6 feet tall) to ensure security for your canine.

These fences don’t have to be boring as well. You can opt for a fence with black vinyl or any available color you desire to provide a rich, lustrous appearance as well as extra rust protection for your chain link dog fence.

DIY Electric Conduit Pipe (EMT) Fence

Loved by many homeowners because of the added protection and security it provides, this fence type for containing your big dog is installed with conduit pipes that provide a stylish look and simplicity to your yard.

Pallet Dog Fence

Assemble a pallet fence in a design you desire to make your dog fence look attractive and decorative. This is an affordable way to get a fence up for your canine since you can find pallets at grocery stores and home improvement shops for a cheap price.

Heavy Duty Playpen

If you need an easy set-up playpen for your big canine that is affordable and durable, get the BestPet heavy duty pet playpen that has these great features you and your dog can benefit from:

  • Strong and secure made of steel fencing panels
  • Panels are coated to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Each panel is 40” high, so your large breed canine won’t be able to jump out
  • DIY set-up in a circle to create a sturdy outdoor dog pen
  • Has a secure gate

Keep Your Big Dog From Escaping Your Yard

Now that you know the different fence designs to contain your canine, you can also include other measures to your affordable designs when getting a fence for your big dog to ensure their safety like installing an airlock or double gate to your chosen fence and make sure all the latches on your gates and fences are secure.

You can also add a section to the top of your fence like a lean-in or L-footer that tilts inwards to deter your climbing dog or plant a hedge of dense shrubs inside your dog fence to make it difficult for your dog to climb while adding beauty to your landscape.

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