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Choosing the Best Type of Fence for your Residential Property

Make your residential property more functional and appealing by investing and installing in a fence.

There are many types of fence materials that you can choose from that are both aesthetically appealing and durable while providing extra security to your residential property.

The type of fence you choose will not only enhance your outdoor landscape design but will give you a true sense of home because your children and pets will be safe to play in your backyard.

Fencing, in whatever style or material you choose, will greatly affect the sense of peace in your abode.

Fencing Types for Residential Homes

Aluminum Fencing

Although this type of fence doesn’t provide you maximum security, it’s a popular choice for it’s little to no maintenance factor and its costliness.

It’s rust-resistant and can withstand any type of weather. It can be manufactured to look like any other type of fencing material that you will be reading about in this article.

Aluminum is a very versatile, fencing material that is a cost-efficient fence material in the long run because of low maintenance costs. It does not need staining and treating to keep it durable. An annual good clean will keep it looking shiny and new.

Wood Fencing

Wood Fence panels - Big Easy Fences

This is the most popular fencing material that suits nearly every type of home and landscape.

The natural appeal of wood makes it an attractive option for a backyard fence.

Its earthy colors give homeowners a warm and welcoming feeling while giving a sense of privacy as well with the various height wood fencing provides.

With wood fencing, the more lumber you need because of the height of your fence and your chosen design, the more the project will cost you.

Like other fencing materials, the life of your wooden fence will significantly depend on the type of wood you use and how well you maintain your fence.

The preferred wood species for fencing are:

  • Pine
  • Fir
  • Spruce
  • White oak
  • Western red cedar

Regular maintenance of a wooden fence is required to protect it from pests, rot, warping, and other damage as it is exposed to the elements.

Some types of wood are painted and stained to provide this protection while other types like cedar and redwood are naturally resistant to rot and insects.

PVC Fencing

Looking for a cheap fencing material? Hands down, a PVC fence in your backyard is the answer.

PVC fences are becoming popular in replacing wooden stakes and pickets, although they are not nearly as sturdy. They are a heavy-duty, low-maintenance option that may cost more upfront, but will prove to be cost-efficient in the long run.

Because of the material used to manufacture PVC panels for fencing, it is very resistant to the elements and can be functional for several years. The posts for PVC fences are PVC sleeves that go on top of wooden posts to add stability to the fence.

There is a wide variety of colors and textures of PVC panels that you can choose from to match your home and landscape design. Most PVC fences are very easy to install on a flat surface, with no staining or painting needed.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Metal fence panels - Big easy Fences

An extremely popular choice that offers a sophisticated and modern aesthetic appeal to your home and landscape, wrought iron fencing is one of the most durable fencing materials out there.

They are a strong and beautiful addition that does not require constant upkeep. If you want to maintain the beauty of your wrought iron fence, you will have to sand and repaint it every two to three years.

Because most wrought iron fences are custom designed, they are not as cheap as the other fencing materials.

Vinyl Fencing

The most elite when it comes to any other category, vinyl fencing can be the most cost-efficient fencing material. Some manufacturers even claim that this material is nearly five times stronger and four times more flexible than comparable wood fences.

Vinyl fencing is outstanding as it is maintenance-free and resists paint, making it easy to clean for unwanted stains. A hose down with water and soap is all you need to make it look as beautiful as new.

With a longer lifespan compared to other types of fence, it is cheaper than many other fencing types because of its low-maintenance costs and durability, despite a higher upfront cost.

You can choose to install plank vinyl privacy fencing in different styles, textures, and colors or opt for the picket style using vinyl panels.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences are cheap, durable, and need very little or no maintenance. Many homeowners install chain link fences in their backyard with a good amount of shrubbery, flowers, or vines for a landscape appeal.

You can increase the privacy effect of your chain link fence by inserting privacy slats to cut off the view from the outside.

Today’s chain link fences are available in high-quality metallic-coated and a multitude of colors.

They are manufactured better to assure quality, durability, and consumer satisfaction with the use of rust-resistant metallic coatings on steel wire.

Bamboo Fencing

Like its wood counterpart, bamboo fencing is beginning to hit its stride in the market, especially for landscaped backyards because of its natural beauty. It can be grown naturally making it the most environmentally-friendly and attractive fencing option.

Although bamboo fencing is less common than the other types, it can offer a good eco-friendly and budget-friendly option.

The styles in bamboo fencing include: live bamboo, bamboo cane, and rolled bamboo.

This fence offers a unique, natural look and is popular in tropical settings. It doesn’t hold up well in cold and wet climates.

Here are more durable fence options you should check out.

Enjoy your Backyard with a Security or Privacy Fence at Home

To get the most of your outdoor space, a privacy or security fence is a need.

With a durable and well-designed fence, you can enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about security or being gazed by your neighbors and passersby.

Find the right type of fence that can bring you the peace of mind and comfort that you’ve longed for together with your loved ones and pets.

It is never a waste of investment to safeguard your loved ones and the home you worked hard for.

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