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A Quick Guide to Choosing Fence Types and Styles

They say that no fences are created equal. If you stroll around your neighborhood, you will definitely notice variations in the fence types and styles installed. Unless of course, you have a Homeowners Association (HOA) implementing strict rules on design uniformity all over the area. Sometimes, a white picket fence is the only option they give.

But saying that no fences are created equal is not something to be grumpy or unhappy about. This just means that there are more options for you as a homeowner to choose from.

The main differences in the fence installations you see in neighborhoods across cities like New Orleans are the materials being used.

Choosing the fence material itself is very significant. The material you pick will also determine the choices for fence types and styles available to you.

Considerations to Remember in Choosing a Fence Type and Style

The first step in making a successful fence installation is assessing the most relevant considerations on type and style. These considerations have the greatest influence on why you are choosing a specific design for the property.

1. Purpose of the Fence

The purpose of your fence installation is very important because it also determines the dimensions of the fence itself.

Should you choose to prioritize privacy as a purpose, you probably need a fence type or style that is opaque and solid such as wood or concrete. Fences with spaces in-between such as chain-link might be out of the equation.

Meanwhile, if you are only concerned with marking boundaries, you can basically choose any type and style of the fence depending on your preference.

2. Material of the Fence

After knowing the purpose of the fence installation, you may now choose the material you desire. The material of the fence is pivotal in whatever style can be afforded or made available to you. Some fence styles may only be limited to a specific material because not all raw materials are customizable.

Common fence materials that are readily available in most states include wood, metal or iron, vinyl, and masonry.

The purpose of the fence should always be tied with the kind of installation material to be picked. As mentioned before, there are specific and fitting fence materials for every purpose you can think of. Sometimes, these things even overlap.

Wood, metal, and vinyl fences have always been the top choices for most American homeowners. This can be observed in most cities and states in the United States. Wood is usually the go-to fence of property owners who love the organic and natural look. This will be perfect if you want to achieve an earthy look that will match a lush garden.

On the other hand, metal is highly sought for its sturdiness and easily customizable properties. Likewise, metal fences such as wrought iron and aluminum fences can last longer than most fence materials.

Meanwhile, masonry such as concrete can be a cheaper alternative especially if you want to prioritize having a fence that will provide you with your desired privacy.

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3. Design and Colors of Home or Property

Another factor that a homeowner must take into consideration is the canvass itself, the house, and its landscape.

White- Picket fence-BigEasy Fences.comNot all fences, especially the colors involved, will match the overall design and style of a house. Think of this process as dressing up yourself. You do not just pull the first thing you see out from the closet, wear it, then go attend a party or event. Of course, you would want the clothes and shoes to match.

So the same thing can be said to fences. A homeowner would always want the fences to at least match or blend with the surrounding property. A trick for this if you are having a hard time is to choose neutral colors such as gray.

Gray and other neutral colors are versatile enough to match the canvass they are being subjected to. This is regardless of whatever theme your house has, whether modern or classic. But of course, it is always better to consult experts such as Big Easy Fences.

4. Budget

Well, you can choose anything you want but do not forget about the price tag. Setting a flexible budget is always recommended so you can make a more successful purchase. It would be hard to identify a specific budget if you still don’t know what fence material and style you want. But a flexible budget would at least be $3, 000 and not exceeding $8, 000.

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Metal Fence Styles

Since metal and iron are one of the most popular fence materials, it would be good to dig deeper on what fence styles a homeowner can get from it. Among all the other materials, iron is considered to be the best in terms of the most you can do with it. This is because iron is very malleable, making it a material fit for customizable designs.

Metal Fence- BigEasy Fences.comWrought iron is a top choice when you want to work around metal fences. The styles you can get from it differ to a high extent depending on your preference. But there are standards you can always choose from.

Tubular steels and aluminum are already styles on their own. The way these metals are welded together can create an appealing style. Likewise, there are a lot of picket styles a homeowner can choose from for the spires or vertical members of metal fences. Some of these options include fleur-de-lis, spears, and rings.

Wood Fence Types and Styles

On the other hand, a wooden fence can also offer homeowners a sizable number of choices. Most of the time, the type of wooden fence can also give you its definite and distinct style.

Popular wooden fence types and styles include wooden picket fences, wooden lattice fences, vertical boards, and wooden split-rail fences. These different wooden fence styles can all give your property that earthy and natural look you are aspiring for.

What is the Next Step?

Now that you have an idea on how you can successfully pick the type and style and fence for your home, you may now search the market for contractors.

If you live around New Orleans, you are in luck because Big Easy Fences is always one call or visit away from giving you its best services.

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