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Proven Quality Wood Fences in Baton Rouge by Big Easy Fences

When you’re looking to build the fence around your home, why not go with something that is both affordable and will blend in well? Wood fences are perfect fence for this type of situation because they can work as either an exterior or interior design feature.

Wood fences are the only type of fencing that goes well with homes in Baton Rouge. They’re affordable, durable and if your neighbors have them too then there’s no need to worry about being left out.

Big Easy Fences installed thousands of wood privacy fences for our Baton Rouge area clients, so we have a wealth of experience and knowledge on this topic.

We want to ensure that you get the best value possible for your investment, especially if we’re talking about installing a fence around the yard of a forever home. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate.

How Big Easy Fences Install Wood Fences

We build your wood fence from scratch on site. We set every post in concrete, so you can be sure that it will never shift or lean, and we nail up boards one by one using hot-dipped galvanized ring shank nails which makes for a custom construction designed to last longer than prebuilt panels of comparable quality.

Carpenter hands using electric drill on wood - Big Easy FencesThe three most popular styles of wood privacy fences are board on board, stockade, and shadowbox.

All these types have their own benefits, which make them ideal for certain situations like if you want complete nobody-two see-through durability, then go with a Board On Board style; however, in high wind areas where there are stronger gusts due to geography, this type may not be suitable because it offers less resistance than other fencing options so check first before installation!

Wood fences are a great way to add character and lifestyle They can be as durable or long-lasting as other types of fencing, with some preventative maintenance! Staining your posts will help them withstand weathering; sealing keeps the surface protection against climate.

We are the best at customizing wood fences to fit your project needs. From standard styles, like picket or arching designs; to glass-included composite panels that allow you extra privacy without sacrificing design appeal–we have it all! So give us a call today and let our friendly staff help make this decision easy for you by providing estimates on installation costs as well.

Types Of Wood Fences

Picket Fence - Big Easy FencesWood fences offer an endless variety of designs to suit any home’s exterior needs. Some popular options include:

Wood Picket Fence

If you live in an area that’s prone to high winds or rain, a picket fence may not be the best choice for your home. These fences are often 3-4 feet tall with widely spaced pointy topped posts which discourage climbing and shed excess moisture from getting inside of them like this one does.

Post and Rail Fence

The rail posts and slats are being assembled - Big Easy FencesIf you have a small property that needs to be defined, this fence will do the job. It’s traditionally used for penning livestock and makes an effective demarcation between properties of any size.

Wood Lattice Fence

If you have a small property that needs to be defined, this fence will do the job. It’s traditionally used for penning livestock and makes an effective demarcation between properties of any size.

White lattice board against blue sky - Big Easy Fences

Vertical Board Fence

Vertical board fence panel - Big Easy FencesVertical boards are a good thing to have in the winter because they block wind and help with privacy. In summer, though not as much of an issue due to these features alone – verticals can still provide some relief from hot sun rays which would otherwise slip through cracks between horizontal surfaces on your porch or patio enclosure if nothing else was installed there first.

Louver Fence

The louvers on this board will provide you with the perfect level of privacy when viewing its profile, but allow airflow and an open view from any angle.

Wood louver background - Big Easy fences

The Benefits of Wood Fencing For Your Property

Wood fences are an environmentally friendly, cost-effective choice for homeowners and company owners alike. Easy to install with styles available in nearly any look – wood can last many years without proper maintenance. Here are the benefits of a wood fence.

Different Style

Wood fences are a highly versatile and durable way to enclose your yard. You can choose from numerous styles, including the elegant Gothic design or the more rustic Dog Ear style for an industrial look that will appeal in urban areas where you want something modern but still traditional upon closer inspection.

For those living near country homes with large swaths of land available between their houses, picket fencing is ideal because it offers privacy while staying visually appealing enough, so friends don’t feel left out when visiting off-screen.

Easy To Install

If you want a simple way to transform your home or business, then installing an attractive wood fence is just what’s needed. Not only are they easy-to install and maintain, but our team of service professionals can get it done quickly so that disruption of any kind doesn’t stand between us.

Painting & Staining

Wood fences are a common sight in the backyard. They can be painted or stained to change their aesthetics, and doing so now may help avoid damage from UV rays that cause fading over time. An alternative would involve treating wood as well, but not letting it age naturally- this will keep its fresh appearance longer!


Wood fences have a long lifespan and are inexpensive to maintain. They also don’t require as much upkeep, so the average wood strip or panelized design can last for decades with only occasional scrubbing required every few years!

Why Choose Big Easy Fences for Your Fence Needs

Big Easy Fences is the leading fence company in Baton Rouge. We have built our reputation on providing customers with unbeatable materials and workmanship, as well 100% satisfaction guarantee!

We offer fence repairs and installation services in order to keep your property safe. Give us a call today if you want or need our help!