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Customized & Quality Wood Fence Design Services in New Orleans

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The natural aesthetic appeal of wood is so irresistible that it gets to the top of the shelf of options when choosing a material to use for a fence.

Big Easy Fences offer the finest quality New Orleans commercial wood fences for your property.

Whether it’s a small-scale or large-scale project, our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering excellent service to assure you of the durability and quality of your commercial wood fence.

Get the Edge of a Commercial Wood fence

Since wood is the most versatile of all fencing materials, it’s less likely that you will regret using wood for your commercial wood fence in New Orleans area

What makes wood a good choice for your commercial fence?

  • Workability and adaptability – it can be easily cut to add aesthetic appeal
  • There are a variety of wood types to choose from
  • Its durability, integrity, and weather-proof quality can be improved by treating 
  • Relatively easy maintenance
  • Its natural appealing color will not require painting
  • Cost-efficient in material – especially in covering large areas of land
  • Time-efficient in installation
  • Environmentally sound choice 

Choose the Best Style for your Commercial Wood Fence in New Orleans

The best style for your fence will depend largely on the main purpose of putting up your fence. There are several commercial fencing ideas to choose from.

We offer different commercial fencing styles that will suit your needs, whether it is for aesthetic appeal to your property or for added security and value.

Post and Rail

If you like a simple containment that combines an open view with exceptional sturdiness, we can create a rustic boundary or accent for your property with this style. With this economical design, we can construct these perimeter fences attractively and affordably. 

There are four common designs for a rail type wooden commercial fence that you can choose from:

  • Split Rail – Western Red Cedar or West Virginia Split rail in either two or three rail designs. Gives you that true Appalachian look.
  • Round Doweled Post and Rail – This system creates a uniform appearance that flows with your landscape.
  • Ranch Rail – A popular look for equestrian containment. This system can be finished in black or white.
  • Guard Rail – Traditional decorative fence system for parking lots, parks, or golf courses.

Picket Fence 

This style will give you that semi-privacy treat, allowing some visual access, added sunlight, and wind.  It is not as private with the gap between boards when built. We can custom-design this for you to provide you with a wooden commercial decorative fence.

Privacy Fence

If your business or commercial operation needs areas to be concealed from view, we can install the perfect wood privacy fence for you that will prohibit both visual and physical access to your property. 

You can choose from different designs like:

  • Board-on-board – built with overlapping boards
  • Side-by-side – built with boards closely fit next to each other
  • Horizontal boards – built with smooth, horizontal boards to give you that remarkable modern look for your business
  • Horizontal/Vertical boards – can’t decide which way? We can give you both ways with this classic and unique look
  • Slatted wood Fence -a wood privacy fence allowing some airflow and visibility through its thin horizontal slats
  • Repurposed Pallets – We can create you a unique chevron pattern from old wooden pallets screwed together at 45-degree angles or simply built alongside each other.

We can Customize your New Orleans Commercial Wood Fence

Wood Fence in New Orleans- Big Easy New Orleans

No doubt, your wood fence is so workable to be custom-designed.  Our professional team at Big Easy Fences specializes in fence installation and can create a wood fence system that can be flat, arched, or scalloped.

We will help you choose boards and pickets to match or create a design to your liking. We can also provide you with unique fence posts and post caps that will set the finishing detail for your fence.

New Orleans commercial wood fence will not be complete without its most important part — the gate. We can build your properly designed customized gate with quality hardware that will maintain proper operation and perform your expectation.

Cost of Building a Commercial Wood Fence in New Orleans

A wood privacy fence (material only) will cost between $7-$22 per linear foot, depending on the type of wood used, fence, and desired height. The most common types of wood that we use for a commercial wood fence are treated pine and western red cedar.  

 With these ideas from Best Home Gear, here is the cheapest way to build a privacy fence:

  • Know the exact boundaries of your property
  • Have the correct list of building materials
  • Follow a good set of instructions. You may want to check this  Do It Yourself Wood Fence resource 
  • Set fence posts in place on day one
  • Complete by fastening slats or fencing to fence posts on day two

The typical price range for installing a wood fence is $1,673-$3,983. The largest cost factors include the fence’s length, height, and wood type. 

A commercial wood fence requires a variety of skills and quality equipment to get the job done. With our trained and highly skilled and experienced professionals, Big Easy Fences can provide expert fence services to deal with this physically demanding job for you and ultimately save you time and money. Contact us now!