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Affordable and Reliable Fence Repair Services in Denham Springs

Get the best return on investment of your fence with quality fence repair service from Big Easy Fences.  We want to continue enjoying the 20% or more increase in your property’s value with a functional and aesthetic fence.

Your fence is one of the hardscaping features on your property that can go through normal wear and tear like rusting, sagging, and dilapidation.  Our fence repair services will protect your investment.  Our expert fence technicians will keep your fence clean and free from mold, mildew, insects, and other factors that can cause decay.

We do fence repairs so that your fence will continue to add a point of difference to your property.  Our purpose is to repair fences to maintain their integrity, continue providing privacy, security, and enhance curb appeal.

How Much Does Fencing Repairs Cost?

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a fence

Fences come in different styles and property owners use a fence for a variety of purposes as well.  In time, fences will need repairing because they are one of the features of a property that is exposed to the elements.  Heavy rainfall, snowstorms, harsh winds, and salt air can cause a fence to rot, rust, and degrade.  Hence, fence repair becomes inevitable.

We repair fences in Denham Springs for large construction organizations, commercial properties, and residential properties.  Our affordable fence repair services cover all types of fence materials like wood, chainlink fences, PVC fences, electric fences, metal fences, aluminum fences, and vinyl fences.

Depending on the material, labor, and extent of damage of your home fence, expect to spend an average of $250 to $750 or $15 to $35 per foot.  If you have a small fence, it will cost $100 to $200 for repairs on holes, crack, wood rot, or missing boards.  More complicated repairs like replacing fence posts and panels or a leaning fence can cost $250 to $1,000.

Contact us today and we will give you a free estimate of the cost for your home fence repair in Denham Springs.  We value that you understand the fence repair process that will be done, the materials that will need replacement, if any, and the breakdown of the cost that you will be paying for the service.

How To Repair Broken Fences?

Fence repair companies generally follow a standard process in repairing fences.  If you check our fence repair testimonials gallery contact page, you will see how each of our customers was satisfied with the fence repair that we did for their home.

We have serviced many property owners around Baton Rouge Louisiana with fence repair and we would love to provide the same quality fencing to protect your family.  The common repairs we do for vinyl fencing wood and fencing customer iron fences, along with other fence materials, include:

  • Wet or dry rot damage:  We cut out the infected area entirely with a saw and then patch or replace it with new wood.
  • Rusted or popped nails:  We simply replace them with new nails.
  • Sagging or wobbly fence for metal fencing custom iron fences and other types of fences:  We provide support with a brace or tension rod.
  • Rotten fence:  We do fence replacement to prevent the rot from spreading to the fence itself.

If you need fence repair in Denham Springs, our team of fence contractor will come to you to do the fixing.  Work with us to make your fence function for the main purpose you had it installed:  to protect your most important investment, your family.

How To Repair Wooden Fence With Fence Installation?

Fence repair in Denham Springs - Big Easy Fences

Wooden fences are the most common fencing material because of their natural aesthetic beauty that can blend with any landscape or the overall design of a property. The most common damages that happen to wood fences include rot, leaning or sagging, broken posts, and missing or broken fence panels.

Our team can do repairs on all types of damage on wooden fences. For weakened fence posts, we take off adjacent panels and remove the rotten old post entirely and then replace it with a new one.  We usually stabilize wooden posts with steel splints or braces to make them more durable.  For sagging rails, we tighten and reinforce them and then faster them properly to secure them in place.  We do many other repairs for wooden fences.  Call us and we will talk about the repair that needs to be done on your wooden fence.

Why You Should Repair Your Fence Instead Of Replacing It?

Repairing a fence can be a more cost-effective solution rather than completely replacing your entire fence.  When the damage is less than 20%, it is best to do repairs. However, if you will need to replace more than 20% of the panels, it is time to replace your fence.

Quality Fence Repair Services We Offer

We do all types of repairs for the different types of fences, regardless of the material your fence is made with.  Our team can do repairs on:

  • Wooden Fence
  • Metal Fence
  • Wrought Iron Fence
  • Automatic Gates and more

There are many ways your fence can show damages and we service any type of repair that your fence project needs and teach you how to maintain your fence to preserve its integrity.

Contact Us Today and Get A Free Estimate For Your Fence Repairs

If you have a fence that needs repair, we can do that immediately for you.  We help keep the integrity of fences to prevent unnecessary and more costly repairs or damages in the future.  Fences are a great investment and we repair fences correctly to preserve them and increase their lifespan.