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Wood Fences

New Orleans Wood Fences – Choose the Best One for Your Home

New Orleans Wood Fencing Big Easy Fences

Wood is still the number one choice for a fence when it comes to aesthetic quality.

Over the years, ways to upgrade its durability have evolved to par other materials for fencing. This feature will focus on the type of wood fences.

Be acquainted with the types of wood that you can use for your fence to achieve the right form and function of your fence.

These two can be added to the rot-resistant quality and specialized lumber products, and grade as considerations in choosing the perfect type of wood for your New Orleans fence.

What to Bear in Mind When Choosing the Type of Wood for Your Fence

Wooden Fence for Your New Orleans Home

  • Form
    Consider the compatibility of the type of wood you choose to the style of your house and with your landscape-design. If you own a ranch-style house, choose the best type of wood for a split-rail wood fence. But, for a cottage style home, the picket-style fence is the favorite choice.
  • Function
    What is the practical purpose of your wooden fence? There are types of wooden fences best used for security, corralling animals, and privacy (noise or visual barriers).
  • Rot-resistance Qualit Because your fence is out in the open and is exposed to the elements, your type of wood needs to be rot-resistant. Cedar and pressure-treated lumber are most popular for this trait.
  • Specialized Lumber Products
    Your distinct type of wood fence will determine exactly what type of wood is best. Lattice fences, which are preferred to function as a privacy screen, are best made with specialized lumber products that are pressure-treated for durability.
  • Grade
    The general rule of thumb for choosing the wood grade for your fence is “to pick from construction, select, premium, or clear grade wood, which have a uniform appearance, are the most durable and of the highest quality.”

Types of Wood for Fencing

All the types of wood for fences are generally softwoods. Softwoods are from evergreens, trees that grow tall and straight, with needles and cones.

They are often the best choice for construction. These evergreen softwoods contain a natural resin that repels termites and molds.

Pressure-treated Woods in New Orleans

These types of wood are treated with chemicals to protect them from rot and insects. Arsenate, which is the most common chemical used for treating wood, is highly toxic to humans and animals. This is also true for other chemicals used to treat wood.

These types of wood usually last at least 20 years. Kiln-dried pressure-treated wood is recommended over the air-dried ones because they are less likely to warp.

wood fence in new orleans

  • Pine

    A wooden fence made with pine is quite popular because they’re affordable. They typically cost about $10 per piece in the United States. They are made durable and moisture resistant by pressure treating. They can be used to make a beautiful fence with pickets and boards.

  • Fir

    Fir is less rot-resistant than other softwoods like red cedar and redwood. It is stable and sap-free in clear, vertical-grain cuts. You may choose this for a lovely picket fence.

  • Spruce

    If you want the prefabricated, stockade-style, or picket fence, then this wood may be your best choice. This material is one of the common choices because of its affordability and durability. However, it may warp in damp climates and may have blemishes and coarse grain. It is also more susceptible to insects than other types of wood.

  • White Oak

    This popular material is tough and hardy. It is frequently used to adorn ranches or farms with horses. The downside of this material is its tendency to warp or bow.

    Why wood? It’s inexpensive, lightweight, and it can enhance the character and individuality of your home or property. DIY or hire a pro to provide the service you need to build that handsome wooden fence in New Orleans you’ve been dreaming about. Know more about the types of wood fences contact us today! You can also give us a call by dialing 504-565-2547. Here at  Big Easy Fences we are ready to help and assist you with your wood type fence needs.

Best Wood for Fencing

  • Cedar Wood

    An excellent choice of wood for fencing since it contains natural oils which are a deterrent to insects. Cedar wood is a middle-of-the-road option that might better fit a limited budget, and is also rot-resistant, giving it a longer lifespan compared to other types of wood.

    This type of wood also contains the aromatic oil cypretine, making it insect-free and rot-resistant. Unlike other softwoods, cedar tends to warp less. It is popular for construction because of its tight grain and a low number of knots. If treated with a finish, it becomes more durable and will be prevented from turning gray.

  • Cypress Wood

    In addition to being rot-resistant, cypress contains cypretine, which is a natural chemical deterrent to insects, making the lifespan of this wood longer in comparison to other types of wood, hence an excellent option for fencing. Cypress trees are native to the South of the United States and the consequent transportation costs can make cypress a pricey choice.

    The lifespan of cypress wood may be increased by treating it with a finish. Cypress’s are also stable and sap-free. You may choose this for your handsome gothic picket fence.

  • Redwood Wood

    This wood’s quality, durability, and aesthetic value make it the best option yet. Although it is the most costly, it’s beautiful deep red color and excellent insect and rot-resistant quality make it stand out among the other types of wood. Redwood can also be treated or stained to prevent it from turning gray.