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Prairieville Chain Link Fences – Secure ChainLink Fencing  With A Quality Fence For Your Property

Chain Link Fences for security-Big Easy FencesA durable and attractive fence will give you added protection and increase the curb appeal of your property.  Chain link fencing is becoming one of the most popular fencing materials for both residential and commercial fencing needs.

A chain link fence is one of the oldest fencing materials that has become a prime choice for home and business owners because of its economic advantage, easy installment feature, and versatility.  It can be used for several purposes.

Big Easy Fences offer you professional chain link fence installation services that include maintenance and repairs.  We prioritize your safety and fencing project needs and make sure that you have the best quality chain link fence built to secure and enhance your property.

What is Chain Link Fence?

A chain link fence is woven metal fencing with galvanized steel wires that are bent into a zigzag pattern to form a diamond.

Chain link fences are also o called:

  • Wire netting
  • Wire-mesh fence
  • Chain-wire fence
  • Cyclone fence
  • Hurricane fence
  • Diamond-mesh fence

Most of our clients choose to have a chain link fence installed for safety and containment.  What is appealing about fencing with chain links is its economic advantage.

It is a fence mostly installed for applications like:

  • playgrounds
  • pet containment at home
  • creating a backyard dog run
  • creating separate plays for large and small animals
  • containment for sports facilities like lawn tennis courts and baseball parks

We can install a residential chain-link fence for you to add protection and security for your home and property,  Our quality chain link fences are made from the best quality materials that can provide you with a secure and durable fence that will last for years.

Our fencing team is likewise equipped with knowledge, experience, and skill to make sure that your chain link fence is well-established on your property.

Benefits of Chain Link Fencing

If you need an affordable but durable fence for your property, a chain link fence can be your best option.  We take pride in bringing this affordable fence to you with competitive pricing that will not sacrifice quality and durability.

The best benefits that the chain link fences we install for homes and commercial properties include:

1. Easy and quick installationPrairieville Chain Link Contractor

It will not take months for us to install your chain link fence.

Here are the easy steps we take to install a durable fence with chain link fencing:

  1. Establish fence lines
  2. Set the concrete posts
  3. Install post fittings
  4. Install top/bottom rail
  5. Install tension wire
  6. Stretch chain link fabric
  7. Tying off the fence
  8. Install chain link gates

2. Extreme durability

We install chain link fences that are able to withstand severe weather conditions.  The fences we install for homes and businesses are resistant to rain, sleet, and snow.  You are assured that your chain link fence will stand strong and proud in heavy rain or snow, or with UV rays or high winds.

3.  Easily maintained or low maintenance

Our galvanized chain link fences can easily be cleaned

4. Very affordable

Expect to spend only about $10 to $20 per linear foot for a complete chain link fence installation.  Here are examples of how much you can spend for a chain link fence installation:

For a typical residential chain link fence (2″, 9, or 11 gauge), you can spend $3 to $6 per linear foot for a 4′ high fence or $8-$15 per foot for a 6′ high fence.  The price will vary depending on whether your fence is galvanized or vinyl coated.

The total cost for a DIY installation can be $400-$2,000 for a 100′ fence, while a professional installation can be $600-$4,000 for a 100′ fence.
An 8′ to 12′ commercial-grade chain-link fence to enclose a residential tennis or basketball court can cost $15 to $40 or more per foot.

5. Open mesh design

A chain link fence provides many other benefits along with this feature.  With a chain link fence, these essentials are not blocked:

Sunshine for your garden and other areas that crave the rays of the sun
The breeze that can supply natural cooling to your yard
The view from your property.  The see-through design prevents you from making your yard feel like an office cubicle.

Get added security with quality chain link fencing services from Big Easy Fences, contact us today!

Why Chain Link Fences for Your Security?

Prairieville Chain Link Fences- Big Easy FenceWe will help you choose the perfect chain link fence material for your fence if you need added security.

We can install a heavier-gauge chain link fence with a larger diameter.   These chain link fences are much stronger. Chain link fencing can be customized to your project needs.

You can select the color and height of your fence to match the overall design of your property and landscape and the purpose for your fence.

We install only the best quality residential chain link fences to assure you of added security for your home and property.

Our Quality Fence Services

We do not only offer chain link fencing services but many other fencing applications.

Included in our fencing services are other types of fencing materials such as:

  • Baton Rouge vinyl
  • Fencing services aluminum (including maintenance-free aluminum)
  • Openers chain link
  • Aluminum wrought iron fencing
  • Wrought iron gates
  • Chain link gates
  • Aluminum gates
  • Wooden gates
  • Steel gates
  • Vinyl gates

If you need fencing services and gates that will stand the test of time, you can give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in your fencing journey.

The gates and fences we install for residential and commercial properties are meant to meet your needs in fence installation like durability, budget, design, structure, material, and aesthetic appeal.

Choose Big Easy Fences for Your Fencing

We are a trusted Prairieville chain link fence contractor dedicated to installing and maintaining fences and gates for homes and businesses.  We are engaged in fencing homes, schools, hospitals, local public spaces, government institutions, building firms, public sector organizations, and many more.

Our customer-centered fencing services include providing our clients with needed information about our fence installation or repair process and honest pricing.  Our expert team of service professionals provide a secure warranty of the fencing materials we use that have met fence installation standards.