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Big Easy Fences – Top Rated Local Contractor for Commercial Chain Link Fences in New Orleans, LA

A Chain Link Fence - Big Easy Fences

New Orleans Big Easy Fences offers you professional and quality commercial service in the installment and repair of your commercial chain link fences. 

We will give you the top-of-the-line chain link fence custom-made for your business or commercial property.  

With your needs and security requirements as our priority addressed by our experienced professional team, you will have the best commercial chain link fence built to secure and enhance your property.

What to Look for in a Commercial Chain Link Fabric

We offer you a selection of your commercial chain link fabric based on these criteria:

1.  Gauge. This is the diameter of the wire that helps you know how much steel is actually in the fabric. The smaller the gauge number, the more steel, the higher the quality, and the stronger the wire. We recommend and use only the preferred gauge for commercial chain link fencing which is 9 gauge.

Here are our recommendations for specific businesses and commercial properties depending on your purpose:

  • Livestock – 12 gauge for sizeable livestock and 9 gauge for larger animals with great strength.
  • Orchard – 14 gauge will suffice for perimeter enclosure
  • Pets and smaller animals – 16 gauge is appropriate. We recommend a higher fence for animals that can easily jump several feet.
  • Tennis and basketball court – 9-11 gauge
  • Baseball field backstop – 9 gauge

2. Mesh Size. It is how far apart the parallel wires are in the mesh or how large the diamond is from side to side. It also indicated how much steel is in the product. The smaller the diamond, the more steel there is in the fabric. We use 2” mesh for commercial chain link fences to provide high security and prevent personnel from climbing or cutting and intruders from entering your warehouse or commercial lot.

3. Core Wire Coating. New Orleans Commercial chain link fences provide the best coating for your chain link fence, galvanized with zinc coating to provide the highest and most economical solution for the prevention of rust and corrosion with an attractive appearance.

4. Vinyl Coating over finished Core Wire. We use the superior product most predominantly specified with architects and engineers, the class 2B Fused and Bonded type. It has the thinnest coating yet has the greatest strength in resisting cracking, peeling, and tearing.  

How to Construct a Chain Link Fence

new orleans commercial chain link fence

Chain link fences are relatively easier to construct than other types of fences. It will be a more cost-effective and time-efficient process if you trust our team of fence installation professionals to install your commercial chain link fence. Here are the steps on building a sturdy chain link fence along your property line:

  • Marking the Fence Location
  • Setting the Posts
  • Apply Fittings to the Post
  • Stretch the Mesh
  • Install the Gate

For more detailed instructions, check How to Install Chain Link Fence

You’ve seen better days if you have a commercial chain link fence installed on your property. We give the best service installing and repairing your chain link fence to keep your property safe and secure, keeping animals and trespassers off your commercial property.

Finishing with Quality Chain Link Fence Gates

To finish your Commercial chain link fence, we install the most important segment—the gate. We give attention to decorative style and creativity while providing the best fitting to secure your property. There are five types of Chain link gates you can choose from:

  • Simple Walk Gate or Walk Gate with Scroll
  • Single Gates (can be automated)
  • Double Swing Gates (can be automated)
  • Cantilever Gates (can also be automated) –  perfect for larger openings
  • Roll Gates (cannot be automated) – require enough fence space to roll back into, perfect for spacious properties like a warehouse.

Why you Should Choose a Commercial chain Link Fence for your Property

The popularity of the chain link fence is from its numerous benefits. The New Orleans commercial chain link fences guarantee that you enjoy all these benefits:

  • Relatively low cost. Commercial chain link costs from $15-$100 per foot. A 6-foot height for a full acre would run $7,000 to $15,000 or more.

We highly recommend Commercial chain link fencing for large areas of land because it is by far the most affordable.

  • Easy and Fast Installation. We can install your chain link fence in no time.
  • Low Maintenance. Our galvanized chain-link fences can easily be cleaned.
  • Durability. We build chain link fences that are able to withstand severe weather conditions.
  • Add Value to your property. Your property’s value will increase and your clients or customers will likewise value you more.

Chain link fences have been notably used in professional wrestling, backstops in softball and baseball fields, and catch fences in racetracks, and parks.

It is undoubtedly a low-cost alternative to commercial fencing which usually involves vast areas of the property.  

If you need an enclosure for your commercial property, trust our unrivaled quality service professionals in installing your New Orleans Commercial chain link fence.

We will prioritize the security of your business establishment or commercial property and keep your chain link fence always in top shape throughout the years. We also install a commercial metal fence  and a commercial wrought iron fence. Contact Big Easy Fences now to get your free estimates!

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