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Big Easy Fences: Commercial Outdoor Decks in New Orleans – Style and Durability for Any Business Establishment

Commercial Outdoor deck

We provide one of the finest commercial outdoor decks in New Orleans area. Your style, our quality service.  

Trust Big Easy Fence’s professional team with years of experience and unmatched skills. We will make your outdoor deck in response to your needs and requirements to enhance your business and add value to your property.

Outdoor Decking in Style in New Orleans LA

A deck can well just be your customer’s favorite part of your business establishment.  

Nothing makes a hotel or restaurant more inviting than an outdoor deck specially made for the guests to enjoy the cool summer breeze and the refreshing view outdoors.

Decks can provide a nice place for your employees to take breaks and can act as a staging area for your business projects as well.  

Our New Orleans outdoor commercial deck builders like us can build this handsome addition to your place of business.

As a veteran commercial deck contractor, we make sure your New Orleans Commercial outdoor deck installation meets these criteria:

  • Safety is our Priority. We value the safety of your customers and employees. Injured employees can’t work efficiently and injured customers don’t return. So we build your outdoor deck with professionalism and sound construction. We can add safety features like rails and wide stairs with built-in traction. We will build and maintain the outdoor deck that will last for decades.
  • Integrating your deck into the landscape or architectural structure of your property. We make sure your outdoor decking will perfectly match and fit the land and architecture of your property. We take advantage of any views and natural features. We will give you the deck style that will be far more attractive as a part of the whole landscape and not just a random structure coming out of nowhere.
  • Needs define features. Whatever your requirements are for your outdoor commercial deck whether as a part of an employee break area or a special feature to accommodate those guests or a staging area for special occasions, we make sure we build a design to meet those needs.

Estimating of Building the Cost of your Outdoor Commercial Deck

commercial outdoor deck

A commercial deck can very well meet the needs of your business or commercial property.  

We can build you a one-level deck with raised portions or stretch it to the full width of the back or front of your property.  

No matter how long or large you prefer to go, we will make sure it meets your commercial property needs and add value as well.

Here are things we will consider to estimate the cost you will spend:

In general, a deck will be built no more than two inches below the bottom of the door used to access the deck.

 New Orleans Outdoor Commercial Deck types:

  1. Low elevation deck – for properties built at ground level
  2. Mid-elevation deck – for raised properties
  3. High-elevation deck – for split-level properties
  4. Rooftop decks – High-rise and residential buildings with roof-top decks often utilize urban landscaping techniques to create “green spaces” or “sky parks”. With this trend in outdoor living increasing, we respond with specializing in the design, construction, and maintenance of these spaces. This type of deck is perfect for urban dwellers. It offers better views than ground-level decks, and can even pick up breezes more with the elevation.
  5. Observation deck – These are usually situated upon a tall architectural structure, such as a skyscraper or observation tower.
  • Taxes. Property tax will increase with the increased value of your property with a commercial outdoor deck.
  •  Insurance. Policies will allow for coverage of an additional deck when attached to your property.
  • Restrictions. We build decks that will adhere to the regulations and building codes.  
  • Material used. Today’s decking materials are varied. Look at the 6 common types and their average cost, labor not included:

Pressure-treated wood – $2.35/sq.ft.

Cedar decking – $3.75/sq.ft

Redwood – $7.75/sq.ft

Vinyl – $7.50/sq.ft. for hollow core and $9.50 solid core

Composite (wood fiber with recycled polyethylene) – $7.80/sq.ft.

Ipe – $12/sq.ft.

Porcelain and Ceramic Tile floor – $2/sq.ft.

Rubber flooring – $2/sq.ft.

  • Outdoor Deck Maintenance – We will gladly service your outdoor commercial deck with maintenance services to hold your deck’s original luster if you choose wood decking. A wood deck will need to be washed, stripped, sanded, and resealed, a process that can cost $2.50/sq.ft. A synthetic decking needs only occasional washing.  

Ready to get started? Add value to your business and commercial property by building a durable commercial deck that will look stylish from the outside in.  

There are a variety of styles you can choose from that will enhance your business either by attracting more customers to make them come back for the nth time or simply to make your employees stay by providing them a comfortable and classy outdoor break and meeting space.  

We will make that happen for you.

Improve the look of your business property with Big Easy Fences commercial outdoor decks in New Orleans. Learn more about our commercial services like commercial pergolas, metal fences by filling out our contact form today!