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Choosing Residential Metal Fences in New Orleans For Your Properties

Metal fences are a reliable and durable security option for business premises, and even for homeowners who want something low maintenance and strong.

There are many companies supplying metal fences in New Orleans that residents could consider for their residential fence installation, but some property owners are reluctant to try them because they aren’t sure of the practicalities.

Big Easy Fences will help you decide and understand.


Here are some of the most common questions about metal fences

Do Metal Fence posts need concrete?

Metal fence posts are popular because they do not rot in the way that wooden posts do. They are strong and durable, which means that they can take metal fence panels without the risk of warping.

Securing them into the ground can be tricky because of their weight. Drive-in post spikes can work well if you can get them deep enough, but using a concrete base can help to ensure that the fence post is well anchored.

Whether or not concrete is actually required depends on the soil composition in your area. Clay soil, which is found in some parts of New Orleans area, tends to expand and contract a lot as moisture levels fluctuate.

This makes a concrete anchor essential for your metal fence project. Fence posts going into sandy soil might also benefit from concrete anchors, but with other types of soil, you may not need an anchor.

Is Metal Fence Post Extenders better than wood?

There are some benefits to wooden fence posts. They are understated and have a natural and appealing appearance. However, they are not without problems.

They are more likely to rot and warp, and if you want a metal fence gates or even just a tall wooden fence you might find that a simple wood post is not strong enough to create a secure perimeter.

Metal fence posts can solve some of those problems by providing a strong framework for the panels – whether they are solid metal privacy fence panels or a more rustic wooden lattice.

If you want to keep the look of a wooden fence but extend the height, you could use a metal fence post extender to make the fence taller, driving the extender into your existing wooden supports.

Is Metal Fence Gate Cheaper Than Wood?

The overall cost of NOLA metal fence posts compared to wood fences can vary massively.

Wood fencing can be cheap to install if you choose an affordable type of wood, but prices can soar quickly for more attractive and durable woods.

Metal fencing, especially aluminum, can be comparatively inexpensive.

Factors to Consider for Better Decision Making

  • Maintenance. Wood requires more maintenance than metal
  • Staining/painting. Aluminum does not need to be stained, but wood will require treatment.
  • Life span. Aluminum fences should last longer than wood ones.
  • Ease of installation. Aluminum fences may need concrete anchors, wood may not

The cheapest wooden fences are made from lightweight wood that may rot, warp, or stain very easily, and they are not designed for security.

They might be suitable for a decorative garden fence, but you should not use low-cost wood for more important applications. Metal is more middle-of-the-road in terms of pricing and will last a lifetime.

If you’re not planning on moving home any time soon, try to take into account the total cost of ownership of the fence when making buying decisions. In many cases, metal will win on that front.

How long does New Orleans Metal Fences last?

Metal Fences of Big Easy Fences

High-quality metal fence posts can be expected to last for a very long time with minimal maintenance.

Solid metal fence panels, especially ones made of aluminum, can last a lifetime. Hollow steel can last at least 20 years if the finish is protected and the fence is painted with a rust-preventing substance.

This is one of the reasons that metal fences gate are so popular. A metal privacy fence is almost a buy once, last forever kind of installation, where wooden fences require a significant amount of maintenance by comparison.

How Do You Cut Metal Fence Panel?

The one challenge with metal fences is that it’s harder to install them compared to a wooden fences.

If you are handy with DIY then you can install a wooden fence yourself, cutting the posts and panels with common workshop tools.

Wood is generally light and easy to work with, but metal is much more unwieldy, requires more powerful cutting tools, and can require some more precautions.

It is possible to cut an aluminum fence with a hacksaw or a similar blade, but reciprocating saws will make life easier, and angle grinders are another good option.

If you lack those tools, or simply don’t have confidence in your ability to install a metal fence on your own, contacting Big Easy Fences or one of the other residential metal fence contractors in New Orleans area could save you time and money, giving you the peace of mind that the job will be done well.


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