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Trusted Fence Company in Denham Springs – Commercial and Residential Fencing

Big Easy Fences is an expert in installing different types of fencing systems to provide the protection and aesthetics that your property needs. Our goal is to make sure that you have a fence that will both be functional and attractive for years to come.

Our experienced fence company has been installing fences for many properties across Louisiana. We have transformed outdoor spaces with a reputation that has made us one of the best in the industry. Our professional approach to all types of fencing needs, both commercial and residential, has made us successful in each fencing project.

Big Easy Fences: Why You Need Fencing in Denham Springs

Metal Fence- BigEasy Fences.com We carry out fence installation services in Denham Springs with the highest standard expected from each client. Our experience in the fencing industry has allowed us to consistently provide safer and more attractive fences for all types of properties: commercial and residential.

We build fences that adhere to industry specifications, and our fencing contractors are licensed and trained to do all types of fencing work using varied materials. The fences we build in Denham Springs will give you these benefits:

  1. Provide safety for your property and family. It adds to the security of your home and acts as a deterrent to intruders. It keeps small children and pets within the boundaries of your property, preventing them from wandering.
  2. Sets a clear boundary between your property and your neighbor’s property, which can prevent possible boundary issues and disagreements.
  3. It provides you privacy, especially if you want to spend time outdoors on your lawn. You can relax and enjoy your own space without worrying about glaring eyes.
  4. Fences can boost the curb appeal of your property, mainly because there is a wide range of fence types and designs that you can choose from. Our fences in Denham Springs can add aesthetics and a strong sense of structure to your outdoor space and property boundaries.
  5. It can add value to your property because of the additional security and aesthetic appeal that it gives. We install all fences properly to last over 20 years with proper care and maintenance.

How Much Does Fence Installation Cost?

Considering the varied types of material you can use for your fence, the estimated project cost for fence installation is about $24 – $41 per linear foot. The estimated cost for the whole fencing project, including installation labor, job supplies, equipment allowance, and fence removal (if needed), is between $2,430 – and $4,060.

The National average price for fence installation in 2022 is $3,000, with a typical price range between $2,000 – $8,000.

Fencing Types For Your Home Or Business in Denham Springs


Wood has a natural appeal, and it can be treated to endure exposure to outdoor elements like rain, rot, and hungry termites. We can treat wood fences and make them durable and resistant.


Steel fences can be in the form of wrought iron. We make them easy to maintain by applying coatings to make your steel fence rust-resistant. You can make a unique statement with a customized wrought iron fence that will stand up to the most demanding physical challenge and environmental conditions.


Aluminum fences are very versatile since they are available in various colors and designs. It is a cost-efficient fence material with rust-resistant features and can withstand any weather.

Chain Link Fences

We install chain links that provide a balance between aesthetics and durability. This fence material is a favorite for fencing casual yards and providing boundaries between properties. We use high-quality chain link fences with special coatings that make them rust-resistant and highly durable.


If you choose a vinyl fence, you select one of the most durable types of fence material. Vinyl fences are low-maintenance, lightweight, and effortless to work with. We install vinyl fences properly to withstand high winds, rain, cold, and extreme heat.

Why Choose Us As Your Fencing Company

White Vinyl Fence - Big Easy Fences Big Easy Fences has a highly-experienced and skilled team of fencing professionals representing the company and the values we uphold as a trusted premier fencing company in Denham Springs.

We follow high standards for every successful fencing project; that is why we are always recommended in the community. You can check out our fencing testimonials gallery to know why our clients love the work we do.

Here’s why you should work with us on your fencing project:

  1.  We give you smart and suitable experience-based options for your residential or commercial property that will surely last long and will improve your property’s curb appeal.
  2. In the long run, a properly installed or repaired fence with the right tools will save you money. We have all the necessary tools to repair and install a functional and durable fence. You will also be saved from making costly mistakes when you trust our expertise.
  3. We have years of experience in property fencing, especially in labeling property lines. We will save you from the inconvenience and installation mistakes regarding fence placement along your property line.
  4. With tested professionalism in the fencing industry, we at Big Fences offer a guaranteed long-lasting and top-of-the-line quality for any fencing project. We protect the quality of our job, and if at any point you are not satisfied, we will make needed changes without additional charges.
  5. We understand the laws that govern fencing installment. Being in the business for several years, we assure you that we provide high-quality services that comply with the residential and commercial fencing regulations in New Orleans.

Contact us, and we will give you free fencing project quotes, and you are not obligated to go ahead with the job after our initial conversation. As a professional fence company, our team can work under any weather condition, and we can extend our hours to get the job down within or earlier than the timeline.

You are assured that we have the license to conduct fencing installations in Denham Springs, and we continue to hone our skills through regular training so that we are equipped with up-to-date work safety and fencing knowledge.

We perform every fencing project with courtesy, efficiency, friendliness, and professionalism. Call us today! 

Denham Springs, LA is a city that lies on the Amite River, approximately 35 miles SE of Baton Rouge, and 40 miles SW of Natchez, Mississippi.

It is part of the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Statistical Area, and according to a 2013 census estimate, it has a population of 21,967 people.

Denham Springs is unique due to its proximity to an abundance of water, which allowed for the establishment not only of the Amite River Basin Levee District (ARBLD) back in 1965 to protect residents from flooding, but also because it is home to the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ huge Mississippi Valley Division’s Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC).

The city is known as “The Walk-Off (Home) City” because it is the location of the last home victory for LSU during the 2004 season, and it also hosts a variety of walking trails.

  • Denham Springs is located in Livingston Parish, Louisiana.
  • The population was 10,215 at the 2010 census.
  • Denham Springs is known as the “Jewel of Livingston Parish.”
  • It has been given this name because of its location, schools and churches, diverse businesses and industries, and its people who are considered friendly and hospitable.
  • Denham Springs was founded in 1883 by developer George Washington Smith.
  • Denham Springs was originally called “Smithville”. George Washington Smith built the first home in Smithville along Cedar Lake.
  • Smith planted thousands of cedars to make a shaded park for his new town.
  • He also started developing the land north of town, which became known as “the Heights.”
  • Denham Springs Historical Society
  • Sunshine Park
  • Big Oak Tree Winery
  • Fred’s Lounge
  • Old Town Historical District
  • Bayou Manchac Swamp Tour
  • Denham Springs Market Square

If you are visiting Denham Springs, you might as well engage to familiarize the most common modes of transportation in the city. Unlike most localities, Denham Springs doesn’t have a public transport system. So if you are staying here for a long period of time, you will need your own transportation.

There are four main ways to get around in this city: walking, taking a taxi, riding a bicycle, or by car/motorcycle.


You can’t really get around using walking. But if you are in an area, you would want to explore it on foot, the sidewalk is your best choice.


Taxi is also not readily available in this city like other big metropolitan areas. It’s rare to see a taxi stopping by to get passengers; unless you know the taxi stand or station where they wait for rides.

But since there are still no taxis in this city, you will have to call one to come pick you up. The majority of the taxi companies here are mobile services – which means that you can’t really pinpoint an exact location where they will be coming from. So just prepare your smartphone with the right app to order a taxi whenever you have no other choices.


Denham Springs isn’t a bike-friendly city, but there are a few streets that the drivers allow cyclists on. If you plan to use a bicycle as your mode of transportation, just be sure that it’s suitable for the type of roads you will be riding on.


If you are not new to driving here in Louisiana, then driving around Denham Springs is pretty much the same as other cities. But if you are planning to use a motorcycle or car, please make sure that your vehicle has all the necessary papers to avoid inconveniences.

The roads in Denham Springs are in good condition, so you won’t really have a hard time driving in this city. Traffic is also bearable here, but during peak hours – expect traffic congestion on your road of choice.

Denham Springs also has some notable residents in its history:

  • George Washington Carver
  • Fenton Robinson
  • Harry Truman
  • Elvis Presley
  • Randy Jackson

30.4869° N, 90.9562° W