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Wooden Fence for Your New Orleans Home

Quality Wood Fence for Your New Orleans Homes

Transform your home in New Orleans with wooden fences from Big Easy Fences. We work with experience professionals to build high-quality bespoke residential wooden fences that will provide your home and your family the security you need.

Make your fence a worthwhile investment with a wood fence built to last. We will make and install a wood fence that will transform your outdoor space. You are assured that your fence installation is carried out in full to high standards by our skilled professionals.

The natural beauty of wooden fences makes them a popular choice. Modern technology has made it possible to treat a fence made of wood so that it is resistant to warping and rotting. We take pride in the technology we use to make sure that each wood fence that we install will look beautiful and last for as long as it should.

Why Wood Fences are the Best for Your Home in New Orleans

Wood fences remain to be a favorite choice for fence material because of their natural beauty. There are wood species that are also intrinsically durable. Among the many reasons why wood fences are the best option for a residential fence are:

1. Affordability

Wood Fences Denham Springs Wood is a naturally occurring resource. This means that there will always be an ample supply of wood for residential fencing. Good supply means lesser cost. Wood fences are generally less expensive because they are not manufactured like vinyl and aluminum. If you are on a tight budget, wood is a durable and aesthetic material for a fence in New Orleans.

2. Longevity

Wood fences can last for years with proper care and upkeep. When a wood fence is installed properly with stable posts and the best quality treatment, that can be protected from damage caused by elements.

3. Aesthetics

The classic and natural beauty of wood fences is timeless. A wood fence can boost the curb appeal of your residential property, increasing its value. When you want your home in New Orleans to stand out, call us to install one for you. We install custom-designed wooden fences that can suit the overall architecture of your home and your purpose for a fence installation.

4. Customizable

There are a variety of wood species that are great for fencing a home. Talk to us and our fence expert will let you know about the best types of wood and possible designs that best fits your need. You will have a unique wood fence that will match the uniqueness of the overall design of your residential property. When you want a custom-built wood fence, you can choose the specifics for these elements:

  • Height of your fence
  • The width of your fence
  • Matching fence accessories like wooden flower boxes, lights, gates, etc.
  • Changeability with a wood fence that can be trimmed to achieve your desired fence height

5. Easy to Install

With the right equipment, tools, and know-how to properly install a wooden fence, installing one in your home is easy. Our years of experience in installing durable and beautiful wood fences make us proud to be able to install a wood fence quickly, with minimal or no disruption to your home.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Wood is an environmentally friendly, all-natural fencing material. The boards can be treated with environmentally conscious stabilizers and preservatives that protect them from swelling or termite damage without harming the soil or groundwater. When you are through with your wood fence, it is safe to simply disassemble it and dispose of it.

Types of Wooden Fences

Although there are a variety of wood types that you can choose from for your residential wooden fence, there are certain factors that need to be considered so that you get the best choice that will suit your fencing needs.

The different types of wood that we use to install wood fences that provide excellent privacy, noise reduction, and security include:


Big Easy Fences - Durable Wood Fence Cedarwood is one of the absolute favorite wood materials for fencing. The western red cedar is most especially a popular choice because of its unique and aesthetic color. Cedar is an excellent choice for fencing because it contains natural oils that make it resistant to insects and pests.


One of the most widely used wood for fencing is redwood. Although it is more expensive than other wood varieties, its durability is outstanding. It is naturally resistant to pests and insects and it can be stained so that it will last longer.


If you want a rot-resistant wood species, choose Cypress wood for your fencing needs. Cypress contains cypretine, a naturally occurring compound that makes it resistant to insects. We apply stains and sealants to cypress fences to prolong their lives and make them more aesthetic.

Wood Fence Designs That Give You Privacy

We can install two main types of wood fences that will provide you with the privacy that you need. These are classic and simple but affordable. They can last for about 15 years and more if they are maintained well.

  • Cedar Privacy Fence

    Cedar is a type of wood that is durable and can be weather-proofed to not warp even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. A red cedar fence has attractive characteristics that are unique which make them a great wood type for a privacy fence. Cedar is also resistant to bugs and rot.

    We can install close layers of cedar panels that provide your residential property the aesthetics and privacy. This fence design looks beautiful on both sides.

  • Pressure-Treated Wood Privacy Fence

    We specialize in a New Orleans fence made with pressure-treated wood. We source the best quality pressure-treated wood and install it in residential properties to provide extreme privacy.

    You can have pressure-treated wood panels that are tall so that they can completely block the line of sight. There are also various stains that we can apply on the wood so that your privacy fence will match the overall architectural design of your home.

    The mentioned designs provide total privacy because the wood panels are closely installed near each other. There are other privacy fence designs for wood fencing using cedar fence boards and steel fence posts.

    Our other designs for wood privacy fences are wood lattice fences, picket fences, post and rail fences, louver fences, and vertical board fences. We can also install other fence fixtures like a gate wood fence.

Contact Us Today for a Free Quote on Your Wooden Fence

We, Big Easy Fences, are a trusted fencing company in New Orleans specializing in all types of fencing work with various fence materials. Our full-range fencing services include custom gate fabrication, fence installation, and construction for all types of fencing materials (steel, western red cedar, chain link fencing, wood fencing vinyl, etc.), fence repair and maintenance, gate fabrication services, and more.

Our residential wood fencing installation services cover all the work needed from planning to project completion. We stock a full line of the best quality wood materials that you can choose from for your residential wooden fence. We also offer other residential fencing services. Call us today for a free estimate.

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