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Effective Ways to Save Money When Buying a Fence

Fencing is very important for every property.

For whatever reason, whether for security, privacy, or just to enhance curb appeal, installing fences is almost mandatory for homeowners.

Of course, you would always want to save money when buying a fence. But the process of buying and then installing it are not as easy as you think.

Planning and budgeting alone can take time, plus there are some factors that you also have to consider.

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Factors Affecting the Price of Fence

1. Fencing Material. The material of the fence that you will be using is one of the biggest factors that will affect the total price.

This can be attributed to how some materials can be more durable than the others. Also, some of these can be harder to source out due to the scarcity of the material. Both of these greatly affect the price of the fence.

  • Wood– Wood is arguable of the most popular and most used fence materials everywhere you go. Homeowners who use this material prefer its natural look. This would definitely match almost all types of landscaping or garden that you have in your property. However, this is pricier compared to your other options.
  • Chain Link – A chain-link or sometimes called wire fence can be the cheapest fence you can purchase. For $2-3 dollars per foot, you can already find some stores selling this material. The chain link is made out of a woven coated steel.
  • Aluminum – For easy installation and less maintenance, an aluminum fence is one of the better options. Here’s how to maintain an aluminum fence.
  • Wrought Iron – Like the aluminum fence, the wrought iron fence is easy to install. This can be the most stylish and best designed compared to other materials. This is because wrought iron is very malleable and durable. However, you’ll be paying more for this.
  • Stone or Concrete Fence – The concrete fence will give you the best privacy and even security because of being rock solid. Moreover, this can last for a very long time without requiring much maintenance.
  • Vinyl – Despite the higher cost, a vinyl fence is very popular for many homeowners because of its sturdiness and flexibility.

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Other material options include bamboo, PVC, and plastic.

2. Size or Perimeter of Lot. Since most fence materials are measured and priced by the foot, the total size or perimeter of the property to be enclosed is a huge factor. The larger the size is, the costlier it will be. It will be your choice as a homeowner if you want to surround the whole house or property with the fence.

For full protection, doing so would be better. However, if you are opting for some picket fence to enhance your curb appeal, installing on your front yard would suffice.

3. Height of Fence. Like the perimeter size, the height of the fence will also factor in. The taller it will be, the more you have to pay. In most cases, the height of the fence will depend on what you want. Maybe you can opt for a taller fence if you want more privacy and security. On the other hand, it can also depend on the prescribed length or height of the material you chose.

4. Labor Expenses. Labor costs can take the biggest allocation of your fencing budget. You can definitely install it on your own to save money if you have expertise in doing such activity. However, there can be a lot of problems and obstacles in installing the fence that you probably won’t even think about. First, the installation can take a long time if you are a beginner. Second, there can be challenges such as topography and the landscape of the yard.

5. Maintenance. In planning and buying a fence, maintenance can be considered already. Will the material of your choice require frequent painting and staining? Does it need to be treated like wood?

Tips on How to Save Money When Buying a Fence

Now that you know some major factors affecting the costs of buying a fence, here are some ways to help you save money on buying a cheap fence with good quality.

  1. Reduce the Materials Where Possible

    Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that the fence needs to be the same height all around. Fence materials are prized by its dimensions so the smaller it is, the cheaper it will be.

  2. Plan to Prevent Mistakes

    Planning alone wouldn’t cut it. You have to be smart in every detail of the plan. Think about your vision and the purpose of your fence installation.

  3. Consider Cheaper Materials

    You don’t have to splurge so much money on choosing the fence material. The cheapest way to replace a fence is to opt for chain links. But this will always depend on your preference.

  4. Secure Necessary Permits Yourself

  5. Big Easy Fences - Durable Fence Book in the Slow Season

    Another trick that you can do is schedule your fencing activity in the offseason. Try to avoid building during the spring and fall because the demand is at its peak during these months.

  6. Another way of saving money is DIY

    If you are confident enough to build and install the fence, you can always try doing it. However, make sure you are not faking it in any way because you will just spend more if you mess up.

Buying a cheap fence is not an easy job but it can still be done with the proper planning.

So before you start building and installing, consider planning and researching smartly first in order to save money.


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