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3 Fun Ways to Choose From for a Successful Chain-Link Fence Upgrade

A chain-link fence is one of the most popular types of fences available for homes and industrial complexes.

Sometimes called wire netting, this fence is significantly cheaper and easier to install compared to other fence installations such as wood and vinyl.

But despite its cheap price, chain-link fences are not immune to criticism.

Some homeowners describe chain-link as “bland” and “boring” because of its almost plain appearance.

Sometimes, a bare chain-link will not match the landscape of a property to which it is installed at.

There may be truth to these opinions to some extent, but there are still ways to upgrade a chain-link fence.

In the simplest sense, if you as a homeowner want to install wire netting because of its cheap price and great security features, you may still do so.

You may not like its bare appearance but there are very easy ways to spice up its overall look.

Popular Choices for a Chain-Link Fence Makeover

Whether you want to create your own design or just cut down expenses, here are three chain-link fence ideas you can choose from.

1. Natural Chain-Link Fence

Going natural with your chain-link fence makeover is always the first consideration.

The most convincing aspect of going natural is that you don’t have to spend a significant amount for it. There will always be available materials in your surroundings.

Creeping plants and vines are the top choices when we talk about going natural with your fence.

Since there are a lot of available foliage that you can choose from, it would be best to think about what you envision your yard or curbside to look like.

3 Ways for a Successful Chain Link Fence Upgrade

Do you want it as simple as having as having creeping vines? Or do you want the fence to be covered by thick foliage with blooms?

If you have thought of this, you may now choose a plant to go with your fence.

Some of the popular creeping plants and vines you can choose from include Dutchman’s Pipe, Hyacinth, Wisteria, Honeysuckle, Climbing Hydrangea, Morning Glory, and different species of Ivy.

Before selecting a plant, you should also consider the topography and climate in your location as some plants may not be suitable to be grown.

2. Wooden Slats for Chain-Link Fence

Wood can also be considered as a natural step since it originates from a living thing but it can also stand as a separate choice to upgrade a chain-link fence.

Wood slats have seen increasing sales and popularity over the years as more homeowners demand additional security and privacy features.

With the addition of slats, an almost opaque-like look is created.

Making your property more secure and private. PVC or vinyl is also a popular material for slat but wood slats give a more natural and rustic look that will best fit a lush garden or landscape. Plus wood is also cheaper; although it will be harder to maintain it after some time.

3. Recycled Materials for Chain-Link Fence

If you want to go for the cheapest option while also being fully eco-friendly, using recycled materials to spice up your landscape can be the most inexpensive way to cover a chain-link fence.

When you choose this makeover option, you will be provided with a lot of design options depending on what material you want to reuse.

For a more colorful aesthetic, you may opt to use old colorful clothes that you may weave with the wires.

By doing so, you may also choose the design patterns that you will do.

The only downside of this is the time it will take to cover the whole fence. If you have a huge property, it may take a very long time for you to cover up the whole fence with used clothes.

If the used clothes will not work, perhaps using recycled plastic bottles will. You may use different colors and kinds of plastic bottles that will be cut into the design you want.

The bottles can also mimic what wooden and vinyl slats can do but only if these are colored.

What are the Most Common Chain-Link Fence Options?

If you aren’t that familiar with the fencing industry, you might only have a single idea of what a chain-link looks like.

That type of fence that looks like a woven wire with seemingly zigzag patterns. It is also often the type of fence you see encapsulating football fields in Hollywood films.

But the truth is, there are different types of chain-link fence that are available in the market.

These types are mostly differentiated by their appearance and material composition.

1. Galvanized or Metallic Chain-Link Fence

A metallic chain-link fence is the traditional wire fencing that most of us are familiar with.

This chain-link fence option is also considered to be the cheapest because there are no other coatings or additions other than zinc.

The fence has also undergone developments throughout the years, making it not susceptible to rusting or corrosion.

2. Color-Coated Chain-Link Fence

When a colored material such as vinyl or polymer is applied to the woven wires, the result is the color-coated chain-link fence. Available colors include black, green, and brown. These coatings provide considerably even better protection against rust and corrosion.

3. PVC-Coated Chain-Link Fence

Like the color-coated fence, this type of chain-link is also coated with polymer or PVC.

The vinyl coating of this fence appears to be resembling a rubber, giving it a fresher look while being protected from rusting.

4. Slatted Chain-Link Fence

This type of chain-link fence is relatively new compared with the other types.

The addition of slats is some sort of solution to the privacy and security concern of the see-through wires. The slats are commonly made from PVC that are also available in different colors. When these slats are added, snooping neighbors and strangers won’t easily invade your private space.

Chain Link Fences Don’t Need to Be Boring

The notion that chain-link fence is boring should not restrict you as a homeowner to explore the many wonders it can offer for upgrading.

And if you need the help of an expert in installing some wire fencing, Big Easy Fences is here to assist you.

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