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Custom Built Outdoor Kitchens for Your home in New Orleans

Outdoor kitchen service in new orleans

Are you a fan of outdoor spaces? If you like spending time outdoors and need to entertain and cook for your guests, then an outdoor kitchen might be the solution you are after.

Outdoor kitchens have recently become popular for many households in New Orleans.

However, budgeting and designing an outdoor kitchen is no walk in the park. It involves careful construction planning and considerations.

There are numerous options and features to consider if you want value for your money and the best results in your outdoor kitchen construction project.

In this post, we are going to inspire your kitchen creativity and cover some of the most important things to consider.

As with any build, it is important to check with the local laws to ascertain whether you need a permit for the project.

If you intend to take the DIY route in order to save money, you need to make sure you meet all the safety regulations and building codes.

If you hire a New Orleans professional for the job, get at least 3 bids and go through the bid details to ascertain all requirements like electrical lines and permits.

How Much Does a Residential Outdoor Kitchen Installation Cost?

There are three primary factors that affect the cost of an outdoor kitchen installation in New Orleans:

  • Appliances
  • Labor
  • Materials

If you are confident in your skills and take on the job yourself, you can save a substantial amount of money, but this may mean leaving out some desired features like running water and appliances that need gas or electricity.

Of course, you can decide to do most of the legwork and hire professionals for aspects that you’re not confident in, like installing the patio, water, and waste line as well as running electricity to the site.

A standard outdoor kitchen where you do most of the leg work and include a few features will cost a maximum of $1000.

If you are looking to install a moderate kitchen with a grill and several features, expect to spend anywhere between $3000 and $20,000, depending on the size, materials used, and the level of quality you desire.

This will depend on an array of factors, such as if you have an existing patio or have to start from scratch, how far the kitchen is from electricity and water source, as well as the types of appliances you intend to include.

If you are looking to install a fully-functioning, attention-grabbing, luxury kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances, luxury materials, and a professionally installed patio, expect to part with at least $50,000. This higher price range reflects the use of high-quality materials, intricate designs, and premium features that create a luxurious outdoor kitchen experience.

What Every Outdoor Kitchen Should Have

1. Grill

This is, without a doubt, the centerpiece of an outdoor kitchen and should, therefore, call for the most time and attention. If you skimp on this aspect, you might end up with a kitchen that you barely use.

There are numerous grill options for outdoor kitchens. You’ll come across propane, electric, and charcoal grills. The best one depends on the type of energy source you have available, as well as your preferred method of cooking.

Barrel, uprights, and smokers are popular grill options, and if you are a huge fan of barbequing, consider incorporating more than one grill type in your design.

2. Flooring

Outdoor kitchen for homes in Nola Every outdoor kitchen build starts with a robust foundation. If you already have a patio, you can use it or make a few alterations to make it practical for the project.

If you don’t have an existing patio, you’ll need to install one, but ensure you do so after planning for water, sewer, gas, and electrical lines that need to be installed as well.

If you have to install the patio as you build the kitchen, ensure you design it along with the kitchen to ascertain it’s the right size, and avoid future costly adjustments.

Flooring options in this regard include:

  • Concrete– This is a popular and affordable option for patios, but it’s not ideal for backyard kitchens. Concrete ages over time and cracks, not to mention staining. Also, repaired parts never come close to matching the initial installation.
  • Tiles– This is another popular option for outdoor spaces in New Orleans and can be perfect for your kitchen. However, tiles can crack and ceramic tiles, in particular, tend to retain moisture and can crack during the cold season.
  • Pavers- This is quickly becoming a material of choice for walkways, driveways, and patios. That’s because pavers provide a durable, appealing, and slip-resistant surface while being easy to replace in case of damage.

3. Countertops

Currently, limestone, travertine, and granite are popular options for countertops, particularly in high-end homes.

The issue with having some of these materials outdoors is that they may not function the same due to the elements.

For instance, granite countertops can be affected by direct sunlight and those appealing limestone worktops call for a lot of maintenance, which is the last thing you need for an outdoor space.

Travertine proves to be an excellent option for people with a budget that allows for this luxury. Tile is another viable choice for most homeowners in New Orleans.

Stainless steel is another affordable option for outdoor kitchen countertops. Steel is easy to clean, requires low maintenance, and holds up pretty well to the elements.

It might get uncomfortably hot in direct sunlight, but if your patio has a cover, this should not be an issue.

4. Furniture

If you will be entertaining guests in this space, you certainly need a table and places to sit.

You will come across numerous options, some of which can cost more than your indoor pieces.

Sofas, lounges, and chairs are now made for rest areas and backyard kitchens.

You will come across textured, plastic, and fabric furniture that will match your outdoor kitchen design and style.

Of course, the cost will depend on the material you pick and the number of pieces you need.

The amount of space you have available will also determine the number and type of furniture to buy.

These are the most important features every outdoor kitchen in New Orleans should have.

If you wish to make things more interesting, consider optional features like sinks and refrigerators, and kegerators.

Shading is also important, so consider having a pergola or gazebo installed. Big Easy Fence in New Orleans is always available to help with your kitchen design, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

We also offer residential fence repair and more residential services! Contact us now for your custom built outdoor kitchen and free estimates!

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