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Walker Wood Fences:  Get An Affordable and Durable Fence in No Time

Wood Fence

You can rely on our professional fencing team here at Big Easy Fences for all your fencing project needs in Walker.  We offer quick and efficient fencing installation services that will increase the safety and curb appeal of your property.

We offer a comprehensive range of fencing services, including wood fence repair, fencing, and maintenance.  We are a trusted fencing contractor that is dedicated to high-quality fencing installation work and excellent customer service.

Our skilled and experienced fencing team can design and install a wood fence that best suits the overall look of your property.  Whether you like a simple picket fence or a more complicated wooden fence design, we’ve got you covered.  We carry out all wood fence work to the highest standards.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Wooden Fence Installed?

The cost to install a wooden fence will greatly depend on several factors such as:

  • Type of wood
  • Labor costs
  • Materials
  • Size of the fence
  • Design

The national average cost of a fence installation with wood is $2,755.  Most homeowners in Walker would pay between $1,711 and $3,290.  The prices range from $12 to $27 per linear foot for both labor and materials.

Increase the curb appeal, security, and privacy of your property with a wooden fence that will protect your loved ones and your pets.  Wooden fences can be your best choice for the fence of your dreams.

How Long Does it Take For Wooden Fences to Be Installed?

Wooden fences can be the best addition to your property.  They offer protection and privacy that are vital to any home.  The average time it will take to install a wooden fence with a standard size of 150-feet is 2 days.

Staining and painting a wooden fence can also take some time, around 2 days to get the job done.

Walker Wood Fences

Other factors that affect how long it will take to install a fence includes:

  • Type of fence
  • Size of the fence (how much area it needs to cover)
  • Condition of the grounds (presence of tree roots and concrete slabs underneath the ground)
  • Design intricacy
  • Amount of gates
  • Location of the home (fencing services brought to the rural areas can take more time)
  • Weather (rain or snow can cause delays)

The average time we can install your wooden fence is 3 days. However, if the ground on your property is difficult to deal with, wooden fence installation can take up to 5 days.

We assure you of quality fence installation work for a durable fence that will last for years.

We follow industry-standard installation procedures to make sure that your wooden fence will stand strong and mighty.

Are Wooden Fences From Us Worth It?

The type of wood that we use for every wooden fence installation has passed the high-quality standards of the wood fencing industry. We match any quote for a wood fence installation with equivalent quality.

Our experienced wood fence installation team can provide unmatched quality wood fence installation at a competitive price.  Talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff about the quality of wood that we use and the best choice for your property.

For whatever type of wood our clients choose for their wooden fence, we make sure that the fence is treated properly and fully with a weatherproof solution to protect against moisture and extremely low or high temperatures.  We likewise apply a quality finish that contains UV protection, which will preserve the natural color of the wood longer.

Types Of Wood Fences

We use only the best quality of wood materials for home wood fencing projects.  They are manufactured with the highest standard in the industry for fencing projects.

When we install wood fences for a home, here are the various types of wood that you can find:

1. Cedar

The warm, rugged hue of this wood makes it a number one choice among our clients.  We can provide you with options on how to enhance its appearance and durability.  Because Cedar is susceptible to moisture, and can eventually wear out, we will provide you with maintenance services to prolong the longevity of your Cedar fence.

2.  Redwood/Teakwood


Redwood or Teakwood is recommended by most local fence companies because of its durability.  They are resistant to termite damage.  Although this wood material is more pricey than other types of wood, it is more durable.

It’s a great choice for low-maintenance wood fence material for your home.  We can install this type of fence for you to maximize its benefits and to guarantee that you get your money’s worth.

3.  Spruce

This type of wood is the least expensive option in wood fencing.  It’s a great pick if you are on a tight budget.  Our professional wood fence installers can treat your wood and add sealants to protect your fence and enhance its appearance.

We are wood fence installation experts who will guide and help you find the best type of fence for your home and property.  Our comprehensive work involves all types of wood materials that can be used for a durable and attractive fence.

How Long Do Wooden Fences Last?

There is nothing comparable to the elegant and classic style of a wooden fence.  It is a worthwhile element of beauty to any property where it is installed.  But, just like all other fence materials, a wooden fence also has a lifespan.

When a wooden fence is properly maintained, it can last for up to 20 years.  Regular maintenance work like repairing, staining, and painting, can make a wooden fence last as long and be as durable as other fence materials.

No wooden fence installation is too big or too small for us.  No matter the size of your property our expert wood fence workmen are equipped with the skills, resources, and tools for a successful wood fence installation.

Make a Strong Aesthetic Statement With a New Wooden Fence

We help create a protective, durable, and attractive atmosphere in your home with high-quality wood fence installation services.

Our wood fence installation assures that you get weather-resistant fasteners and quality fence products for your fence. Contact us now for more information!