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Big Easy Fences is the Company You Need for New Orleans Commercial Fence Repair

Commercial fence repair- Big Easy Fences

Let us put your mind at ease.  Don’t fret if your commercial fence is showing signs of damage or ruin.  

Big Easy Fences understands how disheartening a damaged fence can be let alone the fixing of it.  

Our professional team will come to analyze the issue and have it repaired promptly.  

We offer commercial fence repair services giving uttermost priority to your needs and requirements.  We will get your New Orleans Commercial fence repair done efficiently for you.

Various Commercial Fence within New Orleans

Your fence is a vital part of your property.  

It represents your business.  When your fence fails to function for its purpose to provide security and protection both for your customers and your property,  the value of both your service to your customers and your property itself declines. 

You can count on our fence repair team to take care of the repairs needed.  

We service various commercial fence such as:

  • Wooden Fences – Most wooden fences rot due to climatic conditions like heavy sun, driving rain, wind, and snow.  The part of the fence that you can’t see — the post underground, may often sometimes be the part that needs repairing.  We can replace the entire post for you if needed.  

Other wood pieces may also become brittle and lose their strength.  If you need these sections to be repaired, we can provide a current wood style to replace damaged pieces.

We can also provide remedies for discolored wood fences by cleaning, painting, and staining to make your commercial wood fence look good as new.

  • Chain link fences  The commercial chain link fence has traditionally stood guard over commercial, industrial and government property, protecting perimeters of airports,  manufacturing facilities, mining operations, motor pools, vehicle fleets, and hazardous areas.  Five to fifteen-year warranties are generally available on commercial chain link fences.

However, product deterioration is inevitable.  That is why we provide repairs for these kinds of fences. Since this fence is made of metal, they are prone to rust.  We can remove damaged wires and replace them with new ones.  We also replace damaged sections of the chain link mesh without having to replace the whole fence.  That is how flexible to repair your chain link fence can be.

  • Vinyl fences  Vinyl fences deteriorate through time despite its durability.   You may see small hairline cracks that can be easily repaired with a repair kit.  If accidents cause your vinyl fence to break, sag or bend, we can replace the damaged section with new vinyl without ruining the integrity of the whole fence.  We will properly match the style and color of your damaged vinyl fence to the new existing one that we will install for you.
  • Aluminum fence Though very durable in any weather, they are still susceptible to damage.  Aluminum may be dented if it is bumped by humans, large animals, or vehicles.  Call our fence specialists to repair any damages.
  • Iron fence – A primary weak point is the welding points where bars are welded to posts.  If not welded correctly, these points can give way and begin to sag.  Humidity can also cause iron to erode.  The natural movement of the soil could also cause steel fencing to shift position, resulting in sags or droops.  We repair iron fences and gates to sustain their proper function.  

Common Fencing Problems You Should be Aware Of

Here is a list of common fencing problems.  Know them when you see them and do not delay contacting us to help you  out:

  1. Gate doesn’t swing freely.
  2. Posts have shifted or become uprooted.
  3. Fence rail is loose or missing altogether.
  4. Fencing is bent, twisted, or damaged.
  5. Stainless steel fence is rusted.
  6. Steel or aluminum fences are grimy or stained.

Repair or Replace?

Fence Repair The following questions will help you decide when you are faced with a damaged fence. You will either have your commercial fence repaired or if it is not worth salvaging at all, you will need a replacement:

  • How seriously damaged is your fence? Is it covered by your homeowner’s insurance?
  • How old is your fence?  Did it exceed the warranty period?  Are their available replacement parts?
  • Was the fence damaged because it’s inadequate for its intended use?
  • Do you have enough budget to cover costs for repair or replacement?

Your commercial fence should give you the benefits it is built for like deterring unwanted guests, gaining controlled access to your property or business, and enhance the appearance of your establishment. If it gets damaged, you put the security of your business and customers at risk.  

Our team of professionals will regularly maintain and repair your commercial fence to ensure its quality, to make your business establishment more appealing, help you save money on a replacement fence, intensify security, and definitely increase the value of your commercial property.

For quality fence repair service in the New Orleans area, contact us today! We also install quality commercial outdoor kitchens and commercial patio cover.