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Commercial Pergolas in New Orleans – Make Your Business Bloom

Pergolas in Baton Rouge

A slight upgrade to your business with New Orleans commercial pergolas can have a huge overall impact.

A pergola will enhance the customer experience in your restaurant.

It will provide an outdoor oasis for your employees to enjoy on and off work hours.

An interior courtyard with New Orleans commercial pergolas can serve as an ideal workplace station providing an outdoor experience with greenery and exposure to natural light.

Providing A Much More Inviting Outdoor in Your Business with a Commercial Pergola

Pergolas provide a little extra structure to outdoor areas without the confinement of a gazebo or awning.

They give vines and plants a place to spread out and keep outdoor areas covered from an overbearing sun for summertime barbecues and deck hangs.

We provide these inspiring options of commercial pergolas that can provide you that versatile space you can use in your business establishment or commercial property:

Traditional style. If you like a classic outdoor addition to your business, we can install a traditional pergola. The evenly spaced beams on the top of freestanding columns or posts remain open or maybe draped with a cloth or have vines trained across them to provide shade.

Curved roof. A similar structure to the traditional pergola but with an arched top built from materials like mesh or wire for plants to be trained across it. Another option for a natural outdoor feel in your business establishment.

Freeform. If you want a custom-designed commercial pergola to meet specific landscaping and architectural needs, we can give you sculptural and artistic designs to match your business profile. You may also opt for cloth shade or vines to complement your commercial freeform pergola.

Modern. When a business needs to be in style, you can choose this commercial pergola that may be attached or freestanding. We make it with lean posts and beams that do not extend past the frame, giving it a cleaner and more contained look. This is a perfect choice for your business if you desire to provide comfort for your customers with an additional ultraviolet roof screen and amenities like fans, benches, and tables.

Eyebrow. We can build you this entryway pergola that acts as a shade overhang and architectural accent welcoming guests to your business establishment. Trellised vine plants add an extra embellishment to your building entryway.

Adjustable and Retractable. We can attach this type of pergola to your business establishment to provide shade that extends automatically from below the frame during summer months while providing natural light and warmth in a cooler climate.

Cantilevered or Attached. If your business establishment has an existing patio or if you are planning to have one, these pergolas work perfectly with a patio space providing shade and aesthetic appeal.

Incorporating a Commercial Pergola into Your Business

beautiful commercial outdoor deck

Ready to make your business bloom with a pergola?

Keep customers in their seats and employees in their workspace by providing comfort and coziness within the confines of your venue. Invest in New Orleans Commercial pergolas for your business.

Here are just a few of the many ideas on how to incorporate one to make your business bloom:

  • Outside Seating for a Restaurant. A commercial adjustable pergola can keep guests coming to your restaurant providing additional seating space. We can build you a customized adjustable roof system that you can count on in any weather condition. Increase your profit potential and seating space by incorporating a New Orleans Commercial Pergola in your restaurant.
  • Exceptional Outdoor Workspace. Think outside the box now for a productivity oasis with New Orleans Commercial pergolas. You can design your interior courtyard with a handsome pergola designed with lush greenery to provide a natural source of ventilation and the oxygen mood booster.
  • Upgrade your commercial deck or balcony. Some office spaces provide decks as meeting spaces. Upgrade that deck with adjustable New Orleans Commercial pergolas to provide flexible shelter with any kind of weather.
  • Rooftop Gardens. We can create a green office space or restaurant on a rooftop building with a pergola designed with diverse plants for you.

Materials and Cost for a Commercial Pergola

Modern pergola design materials including wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride are available for you to choose from.

Our professional team will give you the best options for style and durability that will suit your business profile or your commercial establishment and your budget.

We offer Pergola installation services at an average range of installation costs for a pergola is $2,500 – $6,000 depending on the size, design, and placement.

New designs and materials make them more affordable and adaptable to a greater variety of architectural styles.

Are you ready to make your business bloom?

Let us add definition to your business establishment, whether you have an existing deck or patio that we can embellish and shade or outdoor space that we can turn into an additional workable and comfortable venue for your customers and employees.

Upgrade your business with commercial pergolas from Big Easy Fences. Contact us today to get your free estimates!