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New Orleans Best Quality Commercial Metal Fences

Commercial Metal Fence Services in Nola

Your business deserves the security and resilience of a quality New Orleans commercial metal fence.

You can get a custom-made metal fence that can perfectly match your esteemed business or commercial property.

A commercial-grade metal fence is your gateway to making your exterior look as professional as your business.

At New Orleans, we provide the best quality commercial metal fences that provide you the security and aesthetics that you wish for.

The commercial metal fence panels we install for you come in a combination of durability and style.

With our quality service delivery that will surely respond to your needs and priorities for a commercial metal fence, industrial metal fencing will just be one of your greatest assets for your business.

Types of Metal Fences for a Commercial Property

Our fencing teams have unrivaled industry knowledge on the best metal fence style for your property, industrial units, warehouses, hospitals, offices, or establishments.

  • Chain Link Fence. If you have a commercial property that needs immediate installment of a fence to secure the perimeter, we can do the job for you. We can also build chain link fences in your warehouse if you need separate storage areas for valuable goods and products. This commercial metal fence is well-loved by our customers in the industrial, construction, and warehouse business. If you’re a businessman who needs to secure your property while keeping the neighborhood in view, then we will gladly install your chain link fence for you.
  • Barbed Wire or Razor Wire. We offer this for our customers who need practical dividers that provide restrictions and a hindrance to unwelcome intruders.
  • Aluminum Fence. This is a customer favorite because it is rust-proof. It is on top of our recommendation for securing properties with swimming pools because you don’t have to worry about its exposure to water. This is a commercial-grade metal fence because of its strength, durability, and low maintenance quality. We can install this for you in picket-style (to provide view and airflow) or solid panel style (provides 100% privacy).
  • Welded Wire Mesh Fence. If you need a large area to be contained with a fence, this can be your cost-effective fencing solution. We can provide this in your desired height to ensure the protection and visibility you need. This is featured as the first choice on a wide number of construction, civil, and utility projects.
  • Ornamental Steel Fences. Elegance and quality unmatched can be realized with this type of fence. We can service you with a professional ornamental steel fence that will surely improve the exterior appearance of your business while adding value and security.

Commercial Metal Fence Panels

Lousiana Commercial metal fence - Big Easy Fences

Big Easy Fences can provide you with solid metal fence panels that will satisfy your needs for a durable fence that will last for years.

Here are qualities of commercial metal fence panels that make them a number one choice for customers in commercial fencing:

  • Sturdy
  • Made with larger pickets than residential panels
  • Large rails
  • A thick gauge of material
  • Bigger-sized pickets than residential fence panels
  • Each rail has eight metal support ribs for additional strength

A standard commercial metal fencing panel has pickets at 3-⅝” intervals. Some have 1-½” picket spacing for extra security.

We at Big Easy Fences can design and affix spears or other finials to add an additional layer of security to your commercial-grade fence.

Decorative metal fence panels and custom metal fence panels are available to suit your style and satisfy your outdoor aesthetics, with, of course, the security of your property as our top priority.

The Cost of a Commercial Metal Fence

Factors like material type, yard shape, and seasonality, can affect the cost of installing a commercial metal fence.

To give you an idea about how much it would cost you, a 4-foot-tall prefab panel in tubular aluminum runs $10-$14 per linear foot, uninstalled. The same panel in hollow steel starts at $15; in solid steel, at $84; and in cast iron, at $125.

In a bigger picture, with the cost of materials and labor for installation included for a 100-foot fence, an aluminum fence would cost $1,000-$3,500; a steel fence, $3,000-$3,500; and a wrought iron fence, $2,400-$3,500.

*materials and labor
Aluminum Fence100-foot fence$1,000-$3,500
Steel Fence100-foot fence$3,000-$3,500
Wrought Iron Fence100-foot fence$2,400-$3,500

What We Can Do For You

If you need prompt and professional service to install your commercial metal fence, we can help you accomplish this. Here at Big Easy Fences, we can help you determine exactly what material you need and discuss how you can get the best quality commercial metal fence panels that fit best to your purpose and budget.

Contact us now to get your free estimates and to know more about our commercial metal fence!

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Can’t thank everyone in Big Easy Fences enough! They did a splendid job with our commercial metal fence. They knew we were working on a schedule, and they complied with our agreement about time. The price for materials to labor to everything in between was just right. Business is now up and running in New Orleans.

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A professional fencing company in New Orleans, and blew me away. They took the time to ask about what we wanted rather than shoving unnecessary things just to charge us more.

When they started the job, they always came on time and cleaned up after a day’s work. Impressive work and output at the end. Big Easy Fences has very satisfied and happy customers right here!

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Reviewing: Commercial Metal Fence Installation Service
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