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Wrought Iron Fence

New Orleans Residential Wrought Iron Fences for your Home

Wrought Iron Fence Wrought iron design is a specialized craft of creating beautiful custom products to suit any interior and exterior design taste. It includes the design of gates, balustrades, furniture, fences, and many more. Big Easy Fences offers clients designs and solutions for wrought iron fence requirements according to their particular style and specifics.

Our vast portfolio of wrought iron fence designs is featured on our website but if you would like us to create an original design we can arrange for a consultation with our fencing specialists to discuss specifics and provide you with a solution in line with your budget.

New Orleans Wrought Iron Fence Designs

Wrought iron fences offer a secure form of ornamental structure that extends the aesthetic appeal of a home beyond the boundaries of the property. 

While providing an important privacy feature, decorative wrought iron fence panels also serve the purposes of separating, defining, and enhancing home and its outdoor environment.

There are many things to consider when looking for the right wrought iron fencing. Here are some of the questions many people ask when thinking of installing a wrought iron fence on their property:

How to Care for a Wrought Iron Fence?

Wrought iron fencing will last for many years when properly maintained. Rust is enemy number one as it will affect the strength and endurance of the iron.

If rust gets out of control it will eventually cause the fence to crumble and disintegrate. Rain and humidity will cause the iron fence to rust as well as scratches caused by nearby vegetation. 

Rust inhibiting paint prevents the tiny pits that form on metal from filling up with substances that can cause rust and corrosion. A protective coating of wax or water repellent can also help protect the fence from water and moisture.

How Long Does Wrought Iron Fencing Last?

If properly cared for a wrought iron fence can last a lifetime. Because it is so strong, the wrought iron fence repair cost is low. Rust is the one thing that can damage wrought iron.

The fence should be checked regularly for any signs of rust spots. Wrought iron fencing should be kept clean.

If dirt and grit are allowed to accumulate on the wrought iron fencing parts it may damage the preventive coating and cause the formation of rust.

How To Dress A Wrought Iron Fence?

There are many beautiful and innovative ideas available to dress up a wrought iron fence gate. The intricate patterns and designs are decorative enough in their own right, however, there are also several decorations that can be added to a modern wrought iron fence to enhance its unique style.

How Much Does New Orleans Wrought Iron Fencing Cost?

Wrought iron is an iron alloy, in many ways similar to steel in carbon content. It is much stronger, more durable, and much easier to maintain than most other types of fencing, especially when painted. Because of the material and difficulty of manufacturing wrought iron, it is more expensive than other fencing materials.

In addition, especially if it is custom-made, it is more expensive to install. The average cost for wrought iron fencing in New Orleans, Louisiana is approximately $15.29 per linear foot (four-foot fence), ranging between $13.81 – $16.76 per linear foot.

How Much Does it Cost To Install a Wrought Iron Fence?

The range of cost to install a black wrought iron fence varies greatly based upon the cost of materials, labor, and installation tools required. The cost increases for complex configurations such as multiple corners and different levels.

More expensive wrought iron fences that include additional attributes such as intricate barrier insert patterns will also affect the total cost of installing a wrought iron fence. Plain black iron is the least expensive option if you prefer to put function above style but they also come in other colors such as green, white bronze, and maroon.

According to Home Advisor, on average homeowners in New Orleans can expect to pay anything between $1,255 and $4,176 for the installation of wrought iron fencing. For a fence of about 140 – 200 feet, the cost can be anything between $2,660 to $5,200. 

This includes the cost of about $24 – $34 per linear foot for materials and between $600 – $1,300 for installation. A wrought-iron gate can cost anything between $300 – $9,000 for materials and installation. Custom-made fencing and the number of decorative additions can raise the cost to more than $10,000.

How do you maintain a wrought iron fence?

Big Easy Fences professional metal fabricator will help you get the custom design and solution you need. Galvanized metal falls into the higher end of the range. The more ornamental options include additions like curves and post toppers.

While style will cost extra you should always bear in mind not to sacrifice the original function and security of the fence.

Metal fences are best installed on flat surfaces than sloped land and difficult to access areas. If your property has multiple slopes and different levels expect to pay more for labor and installation costs.


One hallmark of a great company is their ability to listen to their customer’s needs. I never had a problem with communication with Big Easy Fences. They return my calls on time. Their fence contractors are also very prompt and polite. They did a great job with residential wrought iron fencing in our area!

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