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Are you interested in adding a Pergola to your backyard area? These are very popular. They are just as popular as gazebos. There are definite differences when you examine the two of them together.

Each of them will serve a very similar purpose. Some of these are designed to be primarily practical. Others can be extremely elaborate. Smaller pergolas are often used to improve the scenery in a backyard setting. Larger ones can be used for hosting friends and family members.

If you would like to bypass the high cost of purchasing one of these, you can actually build your own. If you are ready to build your own Pergola, it’s good to know what type of materials will be the best to use.

What Exactly Is A Pergola?

Pergolas in Baton Rouge

The most obvious feature of a Pergola is that it can provide shade. It is often constructed to provide shade for those that are walking through certain areas.

It will have a series of pillars that can be made of various materials. On top of the pillars will be some form of a lattice that will provide the cover from the sun

If these are done properly, woody vines will easily grow up the columns and over the top.

This is how the best pergolas in the world tend to look. However, this can take some time to grow a substantial amount of canopy. You may want to consider placing something over the top until you have enough vine growth.

What Are The Best Features Of Pergolas?

There are so many features associated with pergolas.

You now know that, on a basic level, they simply consist of multiple pillars and a roof.

As far as their purpose, they do have the practical purpose of providing shade.

However, they are typically built in order to create a much more elegant setting. The word Pergola actually means a projecting eave. This is a good description of how most of them look.

There are some that literally look like tunnels when they have enough foliage growing up and over the top. Determining the best feature, you will have to consider either its appearance or whether or not it is designed for practicality.

Where Did Pergolas Originate?

It is thought that pergolas have existed for centuries. Some of the first ones were made in Rome. In the country of England, in Salisbury, they were also used. In the 19th century, and even earlier, they were designed with stone pillars or those made of brick, and there were very heavy crossbeams that would go over the top.

Modern-day pergolas are designed in very different ways. The materials that are used are also not the same. Today, we have access to things that people did not have centuries ago such as aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, and PVC. However, people that build these tend to want a more natural or rustic look.

How To Build A Pergola Today

There are certain tools and supplies that you will need to build a modern Pergola. In order to build the structure, you are going to need pressure-treated beams.

You will also need to acquire pressure-treated boards, steel angle brackets, galvanized screws, and construction adhesive.

When connecting everything together, the tools you will need will include a power screwdriver, a hammer, and a power school saw.

Having a tape measure handy is also essential. Once you have all of these products, you can then begin to build one.

The pressure treated beams should be at least 12 feet in length. The boards that will lie across the top will usually be 8 feet in length. Additional boards that you will use could be 2×8 and 4×4 pressure-treated boards.

If you have a schematic, you will be able to put everything together in a matter of hours.

Additional Products That You Will Need To Complete Your Pergola

Gathering all of these materials is one thing. However, before you begin to build, you need to set the foundation.

This begins with digging holes where you are going to cement in your pressure-treated beams.

This means that you will need access to cement, a cement mixer, and a shovel at the very least. It is recommended that you have at least one person to help you.

It will be difficult to lift and then position all of the boards by yourself. Once you have everything, you can set aside an entire day to build it. This is all you will need to build your Pergola.

Pergola Ideas and Strategies

white pergolaPrior to pouring the cement, and building the pergola, you must have an idea of what the finished product will look like in your outdoor space. Pergolas are not all created in the same way.

Some of them will be square, rectangular, or even octagonal. You may also create ones that are extremely lengthy providing a shaded walkway.

The shape and angle of the roof are another consideration that you will need to plan for. You may want to give it the Mediterranean or Oriental appearance.

There will be plans online that you can choose from, as well as many videos, that will help you make your final decision.

You may want to start with a much more simple design so that you can build a small one to learn what to do. Subsequently, you can then create a much more elaborate Pergola that will be much easier to produce.

Building a Pergola may be very difficult at first. If you do not have any skill with home building projects, or if you have not worked with cement before, it could take you longer than a day. It is recommended that you find videos of people that are making one. Simply follow along with each step that they take.

They may also recommend that you get different tools and materials. If not, you will be all set. Once it is completed, and you have your plants growing up the sides, you can look forward to an authentic Pergola that will soon look absolutely exquisite.

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