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Secure Your New Orleans Business with Advanced Automatic Gates

Commercial automatic gates in Nola

Looking to bolster the security of your business premises?

Automatic gates are a robust solution that keeps unauthorized access at bay and enhances your property’s overall security and appeal.

At Big Easy Fences, we’re committed to providing high-quality automatic gates tailored to meet the unique security needs of your New Orleans business. From selecting the ideal model to enhancing your property’s curb appeal and value, we’ve got you covered.

Our range of commercial automatic gates comes equipped with secure locking mechanisms, including key codes, remotes, and key fobs for individual recognition. For businesses seeking even greater security measures, we offer advanced gate options featuring alerts for unexpected entries and additional safety features.

Elevate your business’s security and give your customers peace of mind with Big Easy Fences’ reliable automatic gates. Protect your investment and show your commitment to safety by choosing us for your commercial gate installation needs.

How Does a Commercial Automatic Gate Work?

Wondering how commercial automatic gates keep your property secure and convenient? 

It’s all about the gate opener – a device that lets your gate open and close on its own through an electric impulse. This impulse can be triggered in various ways, including a remote, keypad, or sensor.

The heart of any automatic gate system is the gate motor. This crucial component can be either hydraulic or electromechanical and is what allows your gate to move without any manual effort.

Here in New Orleans, we’re proud to offer top-notch electric gate motors known for their longevity and reliability. Plus, our expert team is here to provide ongoing maintenance to ensure your gate operates smoothly year after year. Trust us to keep your automatic gates in prime condition.

Why is a Commercial Automatic Gate Great for your Business?

Protecting your business is a top priority, and automatic gates are becoming a popular choice for business owners in New Orleans for good reason. Here’s why you should consider them for your enterprise:

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  • Enhanced Security: Take charge of who comes in and out with robust automatic gates that stand strong against unwanted entry.
  • Privacy Assured: Our top-quality gates ensure your business stays private, away from prying eyes.
  • Ultimate Convenience: Open and close your gate effortlessly with a remote or a smartphone app. We also offer smart sensors that detect cars, opening gates without a touch.
  • Saves Money Over Time: The initial investment in an automatic gate pays off by safeguarding your business against potential losses.
  • Boosts Property Value: Impress clients with the sophistication and safety of your premises. It’s an investment that adds to your business’s appeal.
  • Enhances Look and Feel: Choose from a variety of styles to suit your business’s vibe, from classic elegance to modern sleekness.

Automatic gates are more than just a security measure; they’re an investment in your business’s future.

Our Commercial Automatic Gate Services

At Big Easy Fences, we specialize in enhancing the security and appeal of your commercial property with our comprehensive automatic gate services. Here’s how we can serve you:

Design and Customization

We understand that every business is unique. That’s why we offer custom gate designs tailored to match your business’s aesthetics and requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek modern design or something more traditional, we work closely with you to create a solution that fits perfectly.

Installation Services

Our team of experts ensures a seamless and professional installation process from start to finish. We handle everything, ensuring your automatic gate is installed efficiently and effectively, minimizing disruption to your business operations.

Maintenance and Repair

To keep your gates functioning optimally, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services. From regular check-ups to prompt repairs, we ensure your gate remains in top condition, safeguarding your property at all times.

Advanced Features

Elevate your gate’s functionality with our range of technology options, including remote access, smart sensors, and integration with existing security systems. These features enhance convenience and security, making gate operation effortless.

Types of Commercial Automatic Gates to Choose From

  • Sliding Gates: Ideal for properties with limited space, offering a compact and efficient security solution.
  • Swing Gates: Perfect for businesses looking for a touch of elegance without compromising on security.
  • Barrier Arms: Best suited for parking lots and controlled access areas, providing quick and secure entry and exit.
  • Custom Gates: Whatever your vision, we can bring it to life with personalized gate designs that reflect your brand and style.

Material Selection for Your Gate

automatic wooden gate - Big Easy Fences

  • Metal Gates: Choose from a variety of durable and stylish metal options, ideal for a strong security presence.
  • Wood Gates: For a classic look that adds warmth and charm to your property.
  • Vinyl Gates: A great low-maintenance option that withstands the New Orleans weather, keeping its appearance year after year.

Technology and Accessories

  • Remote Access and Control: Manage your gates from anywhere, ensuring ease of access and enhanced security.
  • Safety Sensors: Our gates come equipped with safety sensors to prevent accidents, ensuring safe operation at all times.
  • Keypads and Entry Systems: We offer a range of access control solutions, from simple keypads to advanced entry systems, tailored to your business needs.

Why Choose Big Easy Fences

  • Experience and Expertise: With years of service in New Orleans, we bring unmatched expertise to every project.
  • Commitment to Quality: We’re committed to using only the best materials, ensuring your gate stands the test of time.
  • Custom Solutions: Our focus is on providing tailored services that meet your specific business needs.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. We strive to exceed your expectations with every project.

Ready to Secure Your Business?

Take the first step towards a more secure and stylish property. Contact Big Easy Fences today for a consultation or quote. Let’s work together to find the perfect solution for your business.

We offer a variety of gate types including sliding gates, swing gates, barrier arms for parking lots and restricted areas, and custom gates designed to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Absolutely! We specialize in custom gate designs, allowing you to choose from different materials and styles that best match your business’s aesthetic and functional requirements.

The installation timeline varies depending on the complexity of the project and the type of gate being installed. However, we strive to complete installations efficiently without compromising quality. We’ll provide a clear timeline during our initial consultation.

We offer gates in various materials including durable metal, classic wood, and low-maintenance vinyl. Each material has its own benefits, from durability to aesthetic appeal, and we’ll help you choose the best option for your property.

Our gates can be equipped with advanced features such as remote access and control, smart sensors for safety, and keypads or entry systems for secure access control. These features enhance the convenience and security of your gate system.