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Protect Your Business Property With Commercial Automatic Gates In New Orleans, LA

Commercial automatic gates in Nola

Gates are excellent structures that discourage unwanted traffic and potential criminals looking for an entry point.

With integrity and professionalism, we can install excellent quality New Orleans commercial automatic gates for your property.

We can recommend the right commercial electric gate models for you that will enhance your business’s appeal and value.

Big Easy Fences offers commercial automatic gates and doors that have locking mechanisms that you can secure with a key code, remote, or key fob that recognizes individuals.  

We can also install more advanced security gates that alert you about unexpected entrances and other features for added security.  

Let us increase the safety of your commercial property with quality automatic gates. Your customers will value your business more knowing that they deal with a business that secures their investment.

How Does a Commercial Automatic Gate Work?

A commercial automatic security gate works with an automatic gate opener which is a tool or device that helps a gate to open and close automatically by an electric impulse which is triggered by either a remote, keypad, or a sensor.

The backbone of any commercial electric gate is the electric gate motor, which is either hydraulic or electromechanical.  

This is the electric device that enables the electric gate to open and close without having to manually push the gate.  

At New Orleans, we provide the best quality electric gate motors that will function potentially for years. Our professional team also offers maintenance services for your electric gate motors to ensure they always function at their best.

Why is a NOLA Commercial Automatic Gate Great for your Business?

Automatic gate in New OrleansYour business is a hard-ear investment that you need to secure.

More and more business owners in NOLA are coming to realize the great benefits of automatic gates and doors. 

Consider investing in automatic gates and doors for your business.

Here are the main reasons why:

Increased Security

You get full control over who enters and exits your property or business establishment. The commercial automatic gates we install are extremely resistant to impact.


We simply offer high-quality automatic gates that provide full privacy.


You can control the automatic gate just by the press of a button on your remote or even control it on a smartphone app. We also install smart sensors for driveways that can open up the gate automatically when a car is nearby.


In the long run, the security that an automatic gate or door provides for your business can save you money.

Adds value to your business or property

Installing these gates in your business establishment will make quite a good impression on your clients or customers because of the level of protection you provide for them.

Improve aesthetic appeal

We offer a wide variety of designs and shapes to fully complement your business establishment or office. You can do a classy, stylish look or a modern cutting-edge design.

What should you consider in buying the best automatic gate opener?

Buying a commercial automatic gate is a significant investment that is supposed to serve your business or commercial establishment for a long time. 

Here are some of the factors to help you make the right and most efficient choice for an automatic gate opener:

Type of Gate

Each type of gate has its own specifications. We will offer you the best brand to ensure your investment. The two common types of gate are:

Swing Gate

This operates just like the door of a house or room. There can be a swing arm turner that extends arms from the entrance to open it, or it could be opened by using the ram arms which use the pistons that are operated by jackscrews or hydraulic. Small business establishments are best secured with this type.

Slide Gate

The sliding gate opener will regularly use a chain at the bottom which will be connected to the control box which will receive instruction to open and close the gate. If your business establishment includes access through a driveway, we can install this for you. Slide gates can either be installed Front Mount (Standard) or Rear Mount(End-Of-Track).

Length and Weight of Gate

Weight and size are key factors when it comes to choosing a gate operator.

Does it Open Easily?

We install electric gate openers that match the weight of the gate to provide ease in opening.

Power Required for the gate opener

You can either choose from several options or choose all options: AC power, Solar power, and Battery backup.

Safety Measures

We build automatic gates for your business with safety measures that will assure you of being at peace after the gate is installed.


We provide commercial automatic gate installation services and devices that will fit your budget and fit your requirements, without risking durability, convenience, and efficiency.

Get our auto gates with the maximum benefit.  

We deliver safety by design and construction for your commercial fences and gates. We assure safe designs with stable and strong mountings and foundations. We provide maintenance to sustain the safe condition of your machinery.

For more information, contact Big Easy Fences today!

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