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Denham Springs Chain Link Fences – The Best Fencing Services To Protect Your Property

Denham springs chain link fencesBig Easy Fences have been building quality chain link fences for years and you can get the best fencing services from us.

Chain link fencing has been very popular for many fencing needs of both residential and commercial owners.

Technology has advanced to make chain link fences more durable, aesthetic, and lasting.

Our professional and quality service guarantees you that you get top-of-the-line chain link fencing custom-made for your home or business.

You will get a chain-link fence in Denham Springs that will give you the security and privacy that you need for years to come.

Quality Fencing With the Types Of Chain Link Fences

Our chain link fencing services in Denham Springs will provide you with containment at home or in a commercial space.  You will have the safety you need for your family, your pets, and your property.

Here are the factors that distinguish the types of chain link fences that we can install for you:

1.  Gauge

Dog Inside Chain Link fences - Big Easy Fences

We can install a chain-link fence in Denham Spring according to your needs.  Whether you need fencing for your livestock, pets, orchard, a court, or others.  The purpose of your fence will determine the size of the gauge we will use for your chain link fence.  Specifically, these are the gauge types:

  • Livestock – 12 gauge for sizeable livestock and 9 gauge for larger animals with great strength.
  • Orchard – 14 gauge will suffice for perimeter enclosure
  • Pets and smaller animals – 16 gauge is appropriate.  We recommend a higher fence for animals that can easily jump several feet
  • Tennis and basketball court – 9-11 gauge

2.  Mesh Size

It is how far apart the parallel wires are in the mesh or how large the diamond is from side to side.  It also indicated how much steel is in the product.  The smaller the diamond, the more steel there is in the fabric.

We use 2” mesh for commercial chain link fences to provide high security and prevent personnel from climbing or cutting and intruders from entering your warehouse or commercial lot.

3.  Core Wire Coating

We can install a chain link fence with the best coating, galvanized with zinc coating to provide the highest and most economical solution for your fencing need.  You will have a fence that is resistant to rust and corrosion while boosting aesthetic appeal.

4.  Vinyl Coating Over Finished residential chain link fences in New Orleans - Big Easy Fences Core Wire

We use only superior quality chain link products that are most predominantly specified with architects and engineers.  The vinyl coated chain link fences we install have the thinnest coating yet the greatest strength.  It can resist cracking, peeling, and tearing.

5.  Polyester Coating

You can choose the color of the chain-link fence that you will have installed on your property.  This is possible with rubberized PVC coatings that have natural and organic colors to blend with your surroundings.

What Type Of Post Is Used For Chain Link Fencing?

We install chain link fences that are directly attached to aluminum posts or concrete posts dug into the ground.  We can also install chain-link fence with a T-post for your garden and other purposes.

Whatever type of chain link fence you need for your home or commercial property, we will use best-suited post that will make it stand for years.  We consider the slope changes (rise and fall, if any) of your property when installing posts for your chain link fence.

How To Install A Chain Link Fence in Denham Springs

Homeowners choose chain link fencing because of the ease of fence installation compared to other types of fences.  We use a cost-effective and time-efficient process in installing chain link fences along a property line.

Here are the steps:

1.  We mark the fence location and the boundaries of your property.

2.  The posts are set strategically on designated positions to make your chain link fence sturdy.

3.  Fittings are applied to the post to make sure that the chain link fence will not be easily damaged.

4.  The chain link mesh is stretched along the posts guided by the boundaries of the area where it will be installed.

5.  Accessories like the gate are installed in the designated location.

Check out our testimonials gallery contact page to learn how our customers were satisfied with our fencing process.  We value your timeline to get the job done but we also guarantee quality work.

We will always be available to answer to inquiries along the process and we will regularly report the progress of the fencing project.

How Tall Are Chain Link Quality Fences Uncompromised?

We follow the standard measurements in installing quality chain link fences.  We do not compromise the durability of your chain link fence no matter the height requirement.  The most common heights for chain link fencing are 36, 42, 48, 60, and 72 inches.

Our fencing service professionals team will make sure that we abide by the regulations set in Denham springs for chain link fencing.  We install only quality fences uncompromised with quality materials and labor.

How Much Does a Chain Link Fence Cost in Denham Springs?

Expect to spend between $5 and $20 for chain link fencing in Denham Springs.  That will be for materials use for the installation.  For tall and thick-gauge chain link fencing, the cost can go up to $40 per linear foot.  You will need to spend $10 to $20 per linear foot for labor in installation.

The average cost for residential chain link fencing is $2,193.  Let us know about your design and material for your chain link fencing project and we will provide an honest quote on how much you will expect to spend for materials and labor.

Denham Springs Chain Link Fences – Contact Us For a Free Quote Today

The characteristic and unique zig-zag pattern of chain link fences make it already naturally aesthetic.  Chain link fencing remains a popular choice because it is affordable and the open weave design allows sunlight and fresh air into the outdoor space of your home or commercial property.  Contact us today to get a free estimate.