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Our Quality Commercial Patio Covers Will Enhance Your Place

New Orleans commercial patio cover styles -

An enjoyable and cozy outdoor space for entertainment and relaxation with no sustainable and efficient cover can downright defeat its purpose.

Our relentless professional team with a wealth of experience can build a quality New Orleans commercial patio cover for your business establishment that will make your customers stay and return consistently.

We custom build your patio cover to provide the best outdoor environment and experience for your customers, ensuring it is of the highest quality that will surely be enjoyable and cozy no matter the weather.

Since outdoor dining has grown rapidly and is becoming a popular dining experience, you will need a quality commercial patio cover that will complement your business and make it more appealing.

How a NOLA Commercial Patio Cover Can Benefit Your Business

Here are substantial benefits you wouldn’t like your business to miss if you add the missing piece of a cover to your patio:

  1. Increased the Value of your business property. With the patio itself increases the value of your property, a well-designed New Orleans LA patio cover will be an attractive bonus for your customers to come back for more. We will custom build a commercial patio cover that will blend with your business establishment.
  2. Reduced energy costs. It won’t be a necessity to buy cooling equipment. With customers enjoying the breeze outdoors with a well-covered patio, you can reduce the summer cooling bills. We can install an overhead fan to the ceiling to welcome refreshing top-down air currents to cool the space even more.
  3. Less damage on exterior walls and furniture and patio flooring material. Protect and prolong the life of your well-invested furniture on your patio. Even exterior walls and patio flooring material will stay more durable when protected from extreme heat, rain, or moisture from changing weather conditions.
  4. Sufficient shelter and space for your customers. You will very well increase customer accommodation with your outdoor customer space covered to provide sufficient shelter and protection.

Rain or shine, you got your customers covered. We can build a patio cover with the electrical transmission so you can choose to install fans and light fixtures.

Materials for Your Commercial Patio Roof

Your New Orleans Commercial Patio can make an architectural statement with a design that can strengthen the appeal of your business establishment.

We will install your commercial patio cover with materials that will spruce up the overall design and use of your patio. The right material we use will not only match your outdoor architecture but primarily will work with the climate, your budget, your business style, and contribute to the overall improvement of your outdoor space.

white patio cover

  1. Trellis patio cover. It offers both sun and shade. We can use a series of boards on edge or latticework to cover the roof. If you opt for more shade, we can install a netting material over the wood or metal frame.
  2. Canvas sails. These shades offer 97 percent protection from harmful ultraviolet rays without blocking all the light. Because of the lightweight material, they can be removed seasonally, as needed.
  3. Metal or Plastic Patio covers. Metal or heavy-duty PVC frames and panels that require less maintenance than wood can be another option for a commercial patio cover.
  4. Translucent Fiberglass. With wood or metal as a frame, translucent fiberglass serves very well as a patio cover. This is a perfect choice if you want your customers to enjoy full natural light while screening harmful ultraviolet rays. With efficient sealing around fasteners to prevent leakage, this commercial patio cover can provide sufficient shelter from the rain as well.

Tweak your Commercial Patio Cover with Captivating Embellishments

With captivating embellishments to tweak your Commercial Patio cover, you can captivate more customers all year long.

  • For heating and cooling, we can install fans and heaters to your outdoor patio space to create a comfortable and cozy experience in hot and cold seasons.
  • If you need help with climate control and shade from the sun, we can add motorized screens and shades. We build motorized patio shades that will fit your commercial patio style while keeping your customers shaded and protected.
  • With glass sliding walls, we can take your commercial patio to the next level. Get maximum cover from rain and wind or maybe leave them half open to let in the fresh air. For extra protection, we can fit a lock to the sliding panels.
  • Highlight your patio cover with accent lighting, not only to set the right ambiance for a memorable dining experience but to make your outdoor space more secure for your customers.

Let your customers sit down and relax.

Let them experience comfort in a cozy and safe venue that you provided for them where they can enjoy unforgettable moments.

This will undoubtedly leave them just wanting for more and come back over and over again.

With Big Easy Fences, you will enjoy the benefit of weather-proofing your business establishment providing exemplary comfort, protection, and safety that your customers truly deserve. We offer exceptional patio cover installation services to ensure the satisfaction of both you and your customers. Contact us today!

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