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How Do You Pick the Best Vinyl Fence Color?

Of all the fence installation materials being offered by contractors, the vinyl fence is considered to be the new kid in the block.

But this didn’t stop homeowners from driving up the demand for the said material, making it one of the top choices for fence installation across the States.

If you happen to pick vinyl as your property fence, the only issue you will encounter is selecting a color.

Well to begin with, how do you even pick a vinyl fence color? Although picking a vinyl fence color is not necessarily a problem, it can still be pretty stressful if you are having a hard time deciding. Not everyone is born to be instantly decisive.

To help you escape this dilemma, Big Easy Fences made this helpful guide with important tips in selecting the best vinyl color for your property.

Hopefully, this will finally make you decide without inhibitions.

What are the Most Popular Vinyl Fence Colors?

In the housing market today given the advancement of technology, there are multiple color options that you can choose from.

However, most contractors and house developers often suggest the basic vinyl colors for various reasons.

These colors are also considered the most popular vinyl fence colors so picking from these top choices would be highly reasonable.

1. White Vinyl Fence

White is considered to be the classic color of vinyl fences. Most popular vinyl fence color- BigEasyFences.com

For this reason, a white vinyl fence is the most popular choice for most homeowners.

This is because white is a neutral color that will complement whatever surrounding it is subjected to.

So matching and styling with the house landscape won’t be a problem. The downside is dirt may be easily seen on this color compared with other color palettes.

2. Clay Vinyl Fence

Another popular and common vinyl fence color is clay.

Sometimes, this vinyl color is called adobe or khaki vinyl.

Clay is also considered a neutral color that will complement most house-style colors and landscaping.

3. Tan Vinyl Fence

Tan or beige vinyl fence is also one of the top choices for vinyl fence installations. This color will match both tan vinyl siding and grey siding.

4. Gray Vinyl Fence

If you want a cool-looking curbside or landscape, a gray vinyl fence would be a great choice.

This will greatly complement white vinyl fence siding as both colors are appealing to the eyes.

5. Woodgrain Vinyl Fence

For homeowners who want to achieve a natural look that would resemble the wood color and texture, woodgrain vinyl is the choice to pick.

The rustic appearance of this vinyl color will also match most of the landscape styles.

6. Black Vinyl Fence

The black vinyl fence is not as popular as the white color but it is still a great choice especially for homeowners who don’t want frequent cleaning of the fence.

7. Combination Vinyl Fence

The combination color vinyl fence is becoming very popular nowadays since it gives homeowners the option to have two colors.

Great combination colors include gray-white vinyl, black-white vinyl fence, and brown or woodgrain-black vinyl fence.

Considerations on How to Choose the Right Vinyl Fence Color


1. Budget

Budget is a major consideration related to picking the right vinyl fence color for your property.

The national average of vinyl fence installation goes around $4,000, from as low as $2,500 to as high as $6,000.

Driving influences that go along with color are the height and perimeter of the vinyl fence.

The best price on vinyl fencing, the more expensive it will be. Likewise, the larger the perimeter of your property to be surrounded by the fence, the more expensive it will also be.

Vinyl colors vary in terms of pricing, even when the dimensions such as height and length are the same.

Colored vinyl fences tend to fetch the highest vinyl fence costs because their manufacturing processes are more complex.

Meanwhile, a white vinyl fence is the cheapest option costing around $25 per linear foot. This may be a reason why white vinyl fences are always in demand.

The black vinyl fence on the other hand is considered to be the most expensive color choice. It averages around $60 per linear foot, more than double the price of white vinyl.

2. Color and Style of House and Landscape

A consideration that goes hand-in-hand with the budget is the aesthetic appeal of the vinyl color.

Your color pick for the vinyl fence should match the color, style, and appearance of your house and landscape.

The fence should be treated as like an extension of the house so both looks need to be cohesive.

White vinyl fence tends to complement or go along with most house colors and landscape styles.

If you want the fence to match your cool and chic house style, perhaps picking the black color is your best bet.

For some homeowners, having the same color of the house and fence is of utmost importance.

So if your house has shades of beige, the tan vinyl fence is the way to go.

On the other hand, to complement the earthy and greenish appearance of one’s landscape, going for the woodgrain vinyl fence is a fabulous choice.

3. Cleaning and Maintenance

An often overlooked consideration but is very significant is in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

Light and bright colors like white will always accumulate the most dirt and stain.

In contrast, dark colors like black vinyl and woodgrain vinyl would not immediately stain from dirt, mud, or other debris.

So if you don’t have the luxury of time to maintain and frequently clean your fence, dark-colored vinyl fences are the fitting picks for your property.

4. Vinyl Fence Regulations

While you can always pick the color you want, some homeowners associations have their own regulations which include fence colors.

This may be because the association wants the street look to be cohesive and neat.

Most of the time, these associations pick white as their vinyl fences.

To help you more on how to pick a vinyl fence color, you may contact us at Big Easy Fences.

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