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Maximizing Revenue with Commercial Patio Covers: Tips for Restaurant Owners

Maximizing Revenue with Commercial Patio Covers: Tips for Restaurant Owners is no walk in the park.

In fact, when it’s time to upgrade and expand, their biggest hurdle is…

Choosing the right commercial patio covers.

This choice separates a simple eatery from a vibrant dining destination. But if you’re unsure about how to make this decision wisely, reaching that next level of profitability can seem elusive.

Picking the perfect patio cover isn’t easy folks.

Consider one restaurant owner who shared his story of investing heavily in trendy but low-quality covers. They didn’t last through one stormy season!

Burned by this experience, he’s now hesitant to invest again and worried about maximizing revenue with commercial patio covers for his establishment.

I totally get it!

But let’s face reality…

To truly elevate your outdoor dining space and boost profits…you simply must.

1. Evaluate Your Space

Examine your outdoor space carefully to assess its size and shape.

What’s the size? What shape is it?

The answers to these questions are crucial in determining the best commercial patio cover for your restaurant.

A square or rectangular area might be perfect for a traditional pergola-style cover.

If you have an irregularly shaped space, consider custom solutions that can accommodate its unique features.

Now that we’ve got our measurements down pat, let’s move on to durability considerations – something particularly important given New Orleans’ weather conditions.

2. Consider Durability

When it comes to selecting a patio cover for your restaurant, durability is key.

New Orleans, with its high winds and heavy rains, can be tough on outdoor structures.

For your restaurant, you should choose a patio cover that is designed to withstand the elements.

Patio covers for restaurants, designed specifically for businesses like yours, are the perfect solution.

They’re made from materials known for their strength and longevity.

Plus they come in various styles so you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for resilience.

Remember: an investment in quality now will save you money down the line by reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of your patio cover.

3. Maximize Shade

Your restaurant’s outdoor space is a gold mine.

In the sultry New Orleans climate, shade is your best friend and customer magnet.

Selecting a patio cover that provides maximum shade can significantly boost your business potential.

New Orleans commercial patio cover types - Big Easy FencesThe key lies in striking a balance – providing ample sun protection while still allowing natural light to filter through.

For instance, patio covers with adjustable louvers offer such flexibility.

They let you control sunlight exposure based on time of day or weather conditions.

With this approach, not only do you enhance guest comfort but also extend dining hours into hotter parts of the day.

Imagine serving brunch under gentle morning rays or dinner bathed in soft sunset hues.

The result? Increased footfall and higher revenue.

Next up: How lighting plays its part. Let’s delve into creating an inviting ambiance as night falls.

4. Utilize Lighting

Your patio cover isn’t just about shade, it’s also a canvas for creative lighting design.

Incorporate ambient lights, like string bulbs or lanterns, to create an inviting atmosphere after dark.

This not only enhances the dining experience but extends your service hours too.

The Magic of LED Lights

If you want energy efficiency and longevity, consider using LED lights.

A well-lit patio can increase evening sales and provide a beautiful view from inside your restaurant as well.

Solar-Powered Options

Solar-powered options are another great option.

They’re eco-friendly and require minimal maintenance.

Remember: The right lighting sets the mood for unforgettable outdoor dining experiences in New Orleans.

5. Invest in Quality

To ensure your restaurant’s long-term success, investing in a high quality patio cover from Big Easy Fences is essential.

You might be tempted to cut corners and opt for cheaper alternatives but remember, quality pays off in the long run.

A well-built patio cover from a reputable fence contractor like Big Easy Fences not only enhances your outdoor dining space but also withstands New Orleans’ unpredictable weather conditions.

This means less money spent on repairs or replacements and more profits flowing into your business over time.


Maximizing revenue with commercial patio covers is more than just an aesthetic upgrade for your restaurant. It’s a strategic move.

Evaluating your space is the first step, helping you choose the perfect cover that complements your outdoor dining area.

Durability plays a crucial role too, ensuring that high winds and heavy rains in New Orleans won’t disrupt your service or damage your investment.

A well-chosen patio cover maximizes shade while allowing natural light to filter through – balancing comfort and ambiance perfectly.

Incorporating lighting into the design creates an inviting atmosphere after dark, extending operating hours and increasing potential profits.

Quality should never be compromised. A top-notch patio cover from a reputable contractor can last years, providing long-term value for money spent.

If you’re ready to take this leap towards boosting profits by creating an attractive outdoor dining experience at your restaurant…

…as experienced fence contractors in the New Orleans area, we are here to help! We’ll provide quality solutions tailored to withstand local weather conditions.

Contact us today at Big Easy Fences to Schedule your free estimate!