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Choose The Best Fence For You: Metal Fence vs. Wrought Iron Fence

Choosing proper fencing for your home or property can be a lot more work than you can expect. Fencing has a lot of uses. Some reasons for getting a fence can include security, aesthetics, or privacy. Don’t forget to add the protection against outside forces and the increase in property value it brings.

With the many options available, you can be left either of the choices: metal fence vs wrought iron fence? How can you decide which one will be best for you? What makes a wrought iron fence so different from the metal fences available? Which one will fit your budget and suit your home improvement project?

A Short History Of Metal & Iron Fences

Let’s walk down memory lane to see how these fencing types have come to be. Wrought iron was made from handcrafted iron, and they date back to the Colonial era. This material complemented the stone and brick house they built at that time. As more and more blacksmiths produced wrought iron, more homeowners adapted this detail. Come to the Victorian era and even more wrought iron details like pickets, scrolls, and posts were produced.

Authentic wrought iron has become very rare today. Mass production is no longer available and it is expensive if you want a blacksmith to make wrought iron. You would have to look for salvaged wrought iron and then they can be refashioned to your desired design. The kinds of wrought iron you will find in the market are from iron combinations. Some can also look like Victorian ornamental designs that fit any house style and design.

Advantages Of Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron Metal rod iron fence - Big Easy Fences is a great material used for fencing. It’s a hard metal that comes from iron ore, with iron silicate and iron slag. This helps it resist rust better than pure iron. If you look at the ancient building that used ornamental wrought iron, you can see that they stood the test of time. They are very durable and sturdy. They are softer than steel or metal fences, which makes them easy to mold into even intricate designs.

Even in the event that they do sustain damage, you would be likely to spot it early. You can see where the wrought iron chips off or rusts and you can repair that as soon as possible. Start by scraping off or using sandpaper to remove the paint. You don’t have to repair the whole fence. just the spots starting to show rusting or damage. Apply new rust coating and a paint coating to protect the wrought iron fence.

Benefits Of Popular Metal Fences

Metal fences Wrought iron metal fence panels - Big Easy Fences are also sturdy and durable like wrought iron. Metal fences can include steel and aluminum fencing. Steel has properties like iron and carbon, which makes it very strong. You can choose from varieties like tubular, steel picket, or color bond types. Even though heavier than other fencing materials, steel fencing can fit uneven or sloped areas. They can also come galvanized and with powder coating to prevent rust formation.

Aluminum fencing is kinda like steel fencing. They are also practical and environment friendly fencing. Once they come off, you can recycle aluminum fences afterward. Both steel and aluminum resists chipping, corroding, peeling, and cracking.

Points Of Comparison: Metal Fence vs. Wrought Iron Fence

There are other factors you can consider when deciding between wrought iron and metal fences. Things like installation, costs, and maintenance can also affect your ultimate decisions. Here are three factors that affect your decision making.

Installation Process

For better installation of both wrought iron and metal fences, it is advised that you hire installers. Aluminum is lighter and would need less people to install it compared to steel or wrought iron. Some aluminum fences can be assembled by locking screws. Steel needs welding, and this ensures that it is more durable.

Cost of Fencing and Average Breakdown

Wrought iron is more expensive compared to metal fences like steel or aluminum. HomeAdvisor has listed and averaged the project’s costs of its members. Wrought iron fence materials cost between $24 and $34 per foot. You can choose among plain black, galvanized, or ornamental wrought iron. Plain black iron costs $24 to $30 per foot. Galvanized will be around $28 to $32 per foot. Ornamental wrought iron costs around $27 to $34 per foot and you can get this from your local metal fabricator. A fence 140 feet to 200 feet long can be $2,666 and $5,200, which includes materials and labor.

Metal fences can cost between $2,188 and $5,394. Steel and aluminum materials can be around $7 and $32 per foot with labor around $15 to $40. Aluminum can be black, ornamental, powder-coated. privacy, or pool fence. Steel fences can be stainless, galvanized, corrugated, corten, or palisade.

Maintenance: Make Your Fence Last Longer

Wrought iron needs regular maintenance. The best way to avoid rust forming on iron is to apply rust-proof coatings. Applying paint powder coating also strengthens the wrought iron more. Iron and aluminum need less maintenance but make sure that your steel is rust-proof. Steel can be galvanized and so it means it comes with powder coating to avoid any rusting.

Both metal fences and wrought iron fences are stellar choices for durable and sturdy fencing. They also provide properties with timeless and classic looks that increase curb appeal. They also do well with any weather and would not give in to pests like termites. They both provide heightened security that other fences like wood or vinyl lack. These types might not be best suited for privacy like wood panels or vinyl panels.

Choosing between wrought iron fences and metal fences depends on what you need. If you are looking for a fence contractor in New Orleans to assist you to choose the right fence, we got you covered. Here in Big Easy Fences, we have experts for both metal and wrought iron fences. We will help you decide which one is best for you and your property!