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How to Save Money on a Fence

Planning and budgeting alone for a fence can take time and can be intimidating. Factors such as fencing materials, design style, and square foot can also be taken into consideration. In need of a fence? Our guys at Big Easy Fences can help you out. We offer fences ranging from wood to metal for every […]

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How to Clean Wood Fence without a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are pretty handy – at least for getting your fence nice and clean. But there are a ton of other ways to go about it too, such as power washing or using a sponge. Fences are subject to many of the same problems as other outdoor surfaces. They can be dirty from dust, […]

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5 Signs that It’s Time for a Fence Repair

Good fences make good neighbors is something that we would often hear when talking about fences. But something we should really talk more about is how good fences also make great investment. When your property has an aesthetically pleasing fence curb, it significantly adds to your home’s overall value. But it does the opposite when […]

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