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Affordable and Durable Aluminum Fence Available in New Orleans

Are you thinking about updating your home’s exterior with an aluminum fence? You’re likely wondering, “How long will it last?”

Aluminum fencing is a popular choice for many homeowners because of its durability and low maintenance needs. It’s also affordable and offers a clean, modern look that can improve the aesthetic of your yard or garden. But there are still some questions about the longevity of aluminum fences.

Aluminum fencing from Big Easy Fences is built to last for a very long time if cared for properly. With proper installation, quality materials, and regular maintenance, it’s possible for your aluminum fence to last up to 40 years or more. In this article, we’ll discuss even more tips on how to extend the life of your aluminum fence.

What is an Aluminum Fence?

An aluminum fence is a type of fencing material that is constructed of aluminum alloy and is available in many different styles and colors. They provide strength, and durability and can be installed easily. Aluminum fences are strong enough to keep pets in but not too heavy to be aesthetically pleasing when choosing a fencing option for the yard.

The protective layer on the surface of the fence creates an invisible shield against the elements, leaving the pickets clean for years with very little maintenance required. Aluminum fences also afford security, providing a barrier to keep unwelcome visitors out. With an aluminum fence, you can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about intruders or your pets getting loose.

It also gives a sleek finish and can be manufactured in any style or color, so it easily complements the property’s architecture. Additionally, aluminum fences are one of the most cost-effective types of fences on the market due to their low maintenance requirements and long lifespan.

Why Choose Aluminum Fence for Your New Orleans Property?

An aluminum fence is an excellent choice for your New Orleans property due to its durability and protective qualities. This type of fencing material is highly resistant to the elements, ensuring that your fence will last for years no matter how severe the weather or temperature might be. It has a high tensile strength, meaning it can take significant impacts without being damaged.

Aluminum fencing also requires very little maintenance, so it’s a convenient way to ensure that your property is safe and secure without having to do a lot of work every year. Additionally, an aluminum fence looks beautiful in any yard or outdoor setting, adding an elegant and luxurious touch to your home’s existing aesthetic.

How Long Does Aluminum Fencing Usually Last?

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Aluminum fencing is an incredibly durable and versatile option for a wide range of uses, from swimming pool enclosures to privacy fencing or just as an ornamental addition to your property. Many people question how long aluminum fencing actually lasts.

The answer is that when made from high-quality materials and installed correctly, aluminum fencing can last for decades without the need for significant repairs or painting. With proper maintenance, like regular cleaning and simple fix-ups as needed, you’ll be able to enjoy your fence for many years to come.

How Do I Make My Aluminum Fence Last Longer?

To ensure your aluminum fence lasts a long time, there are some steps you can take. Regularly cleaning your fence can help keep it from accumulating dirt and debris, which can wreak havoc on the material over time.

  • Clean the fence using a mild detergent solution on a regular basis.

To ensure your aluminum fence stands the test of time, proper maintenance is essential. One of the most important things you can do to extend its lifespan is clean it regularly with a mild detergent solution. Use a rag or soft bristle brush to remove dirt, dust, and debris from the surface. Rinse away any remaining soap with a garden hose and let the fence dry naturally in sunlight before reapplying any sealants or protective coatings as needed.

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  • Use a sealant to protect the aluminum and minimize corrosion.

Homeowners often turn to aluminum fences as a low-maintenance, economical fencing option. Aluminum is a durable material that is sure to last for many years with the proper maintenance. In order to make your aluminum fence last even longer, you should consider using a sealant on it annually.

  • Inspect the posts, supports, and rails regularly for damage or weak spots.

Keeping an aluminum fence in good condition is important when it comes to longevity. Start by clearing away debris like leaves or branches that pile up near the fence and can cause rot or worsen existing damage. When you inspect your aluminum fence, look for weak spots, signs of wear and tear, rotting posts or rails, rust spots, dented pickets and panels, damaged finials or post caps, or other forms of wear.

  • Reapply sealant to repair any areas where it has worn off.

To protect against corrosion, aluminum fencing should be washed using mild soap and then dried with a soft cloth. Waxing the fence can preserve its surface from any dirt or damage and should be done twice a year.

  • Check for loose bolts, screws, or brackets, and tighten them regularly.

Maintaining aluminum fences is not that difficult and often leads to a much longer-lasting product. One key factor for newly installed aluminum fences is to consistently check for loose bolts, screws, or brackets after the active season has passed.

The Most Certified and Durable Aluminum Fences for Your New Orleans Property

The aluminum fence available from Big Easy Fences in New Orleans, Louisiana, is the perfect solution! It is both affordable and reliable while also looking great in your yard. Not only will it provide a secure barrier, but it will also add value to your property.

Imagine having a safe and beautiful outdoor space for you and your family that won’t break the bank. Investing in a durable aluminum fence system will be worth it for years to come!

If you’re tired of spending too much on cheap vinyl fencing or dealing with the fading, rotting, or splitting of wooden fences, then this is the perfect solution for your needs. Contact us today to get a free estimate on our aluminum fence and enjoy maximum security at an affordable price in New Orleans, Louisiana!