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How to Select the Perfect Commercial Patio Cover for Your Business

How to Select the Perfect Commercial Patio Cover for Your Business can be a daunting task.

So, where do you begin your search?

I mean, there are so many materials and styles available…

Not to mention finding the right contractor who won’t rip you off or do shoddy work.

Fear not!

We’ve got your back on this one.

This guide will take you step by step through how to select the perfect commercial patio cover for your business.

1. Assess Your Needs

The first step in selecting the perfect commercial patio cover for your business is to assess your needs.

What purpose will it serve?

If you’re looking to provide shelter for an outdoor seating area, a sturdy patio roof may be necessary.

Commercial awnings, particularly those designed for commercial customers, can also offer additional benefits like providing advertising space on awning fabrics or transforming an existing patio into a second-story option.

Your choice of material might differ if the fabric isn’t completely waterproof and you need protection from New Orleans’ frequent rainstorms.

A commercial awning, whether as a low-cost option or part of special offers from suppliers, could help attract potential clients with its design elements while serving as effective shelter too.

2. Research Materials

The selection of the right material for your patio cover is crucial.

You need to consider factors like durability, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal.

Patio covers can be made from a variety of materials such as aluminum, wood, or vinyl.

An excellent low-cost option could be an awning fabric. However, remember that some types of fabric aren’t completely waterproof, which might not suit businesses in rainy climates.

If you have a second-story patio or large outdoor seating area at your restaurant, stronger materials like metal may provide better shelter and longevity.

This buyer’s guide presents more detailed information about different options available.

3. Compare Contractors

Finding the right professional for your patio cover project is crucial.

You want a contractor who understands the unique needs of commercial customers and can deliver high-quality workmanship.

Research local contractors in New Orleans, compare their services, experience, and reviews to ensure they’re up to par with your expectations.

Consider factors like whether they’ve installed patio covers or awnings on similar commercial buildings before.

A good track record with second-story patios could be an added advantage if you own such outdoor space at your business premises.

A competent contractor should also guide you through design elements that would enhance functionality while providing advertising space on existing patios.

Now that we have compared various professionals, let’s move onto understanding how estimates play a vital role in selecting our perfect match.

4. Review Estimates

Your next step is to review estimates from contractors.

This isn’t just about finding a low-cost option, but ensuring you get quality workmanship for your patio cover project.

HomeAdvisor provides an excellent buyer’s guide on this topic.

Finding the Right Balance

You need to balance cost with other factors like experience and reputation of the contractor, as well as their ability to meet deadlines and provide special offers or discounts for commercial customers.

The Importance of Comparing Quotes

Different contractors might offer different materials or design elements in their quotes which can significantly affect both costs and benefits of your outdoor space improvement plan.

5. Finalize Installation

The final step in selecting the perfect commercial patio cover for your business is to finalize installation details.

You’ll want to ensure that all necessary permits are obtained before beginning work on your outdoor space.

New Orleans regulations can be quite specific, so it’s crucial you’re compliant with them from the get-go.

Hiring an Awning Professional

A reliable awning professional will not only help navigate these requirements but also provide valuable insights into design elements and materials best suited for New Orleans’ climate conditions.

Fabric isn’t completely waterproof?

If a fabric isn’t completely waterproof, this could lead to potential issues down the line especially considering our city’s frequent rain showers.

Your chosen contractor should advise accordingly during the material selection phase.


Selecting the perfect commercial patio cover for your business doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

You’ve learned how to assess your needs, taking into account the purpose and features of your desired patio cover.

Exploring different materials is key, as each offers unique benefits that can enhance your outdoor space.

We’ve discussed the importance of comparing contractors, ensuring you find one who delivers quality workmanship at a fair price.

And finally, reviewing estimates and finalizing installation details are crucial steps before any work begins.

Your journey towards enhancing your business’s appeal with an ideal patio cover has just begun!

At Big Easy Fences, we’re here to make this process seamless and stress-free for you.

As experienced fence contractors in the New Orleans area, we provide top-notch service tailored specifically for businesses like yours.

Ready to take the next step? Visit our website today! Let us help transform your outdoor space with the perfect commercial patio cover.