What are the Best Ways to Strengthen A Fence
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What are the Best Ways to Strengthen A Fence?

Whether it’s from rotting due to passage of time or damages caused by environmental factors like erosion, wind or heavy rains, fences naturally weaken, lean and deteriorate eventually if left unchecked.

No matter how perfect and beautiful it looked when you first put up your fence, time can take its toll on it. That’s why any fence could use some strengthening and reinforcement from time to time. Besides, nothing lasts forever; not even your beautiful fence.

Here are our tips to help you strengthen your fence and achieve maximum durability, whether it’s made of wood, steel, or wrought iron. These seven tips will help you ensure it will stay upright, sturdy and looking fresh and new a lot longer.

Stain wooden fences

When your fence is made out of wood, staining or sealing all notches or cuts and frame boards upon construction is crucial. This will protect it from outdoor elements like moisture and sunlight. Apart from making your fence last significantly longer, staining will also keep it looking new.

Reapply a stain or seal as often as needed. This usually depends on Best Ways to Strengthen A Fence the type of wood used for the fence. But for maximum protection and beauty, make sure to re-stain your fence every three to five years. Also, you must watch out for signs that it needs restaining or resealing already (e.g. when water fails to bead or the paint begins to flake on a wooden fence).

On the other hand, you should not paint your wooden fence if you want to keep it sturdy for a lot longer. The paint will trap moisture in your wooden fence over time and will promote rot.

Use strong frames

To ensure a strong fence, you must have a strong frame. One way to strengthen your frame is by using pressure treated lumber for the posts and framing. As pressure treated lumber is infused with chemicals, it protects the wood from rotting due to moisture and insects in the soil.

Also, make sure to seal any saw cuts, end-cuts in particular, made to pressure treated lumber to optimize the life of your posts.

Always fix scratches on metal fence

When you have a fence that is made of metal such as steel, aluminum or wrought iron, you have more guarantee that your fence will be very stable, sturdy and won’t need frequent repairs for a long time.

However, you still need to fix any unsightly scratches on your metal fence to avoid further deterioration and repairs in the future. It’s so much easier though. All you need to do is clean away any rust and repaint or touch up paint whenever necessary.

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Secure with stainless steel screws

Because nails will work loose over time, you should use stainless steel fencing screws in constructing your fence to achieve optimal durability. Although stainless screws are more expensive, you won’t have to worry about rust or stain in the wood in the future. It is worth the additional cost as it lasts longer.

Use gravel to make a concrete difference

Setting your fence posts in concrete will improve drainage and protect the bottom of the posts from rotting.

If you can, you should set your fence posts with gravel and elevate it one to two inches from the level of the ground. This will keep the posts from coming into contact with the soil. This is helpful because if the posts rot and fail, the whole fence will ultimately fail.

Regular maintenance is key

Just like with anything else that you want to last longer, a regular Ways to Strengthen A Fence checkup for maintenance is crucial. You should conduct an inspection at least once a year because all good fences must be regularly maintained to keep them functioning. Your fence might require repairs and restoration including replacing rotting posts and removing any plant growth.

Weather, moisture, insects and time can take their toll on your fence over time. So, even a very well-made fence will eventually need attention.


Hire a professional to repair your fence

In any instance that your fence will be needing more complicated reinforcement or repair, it is usually more advisable to hire a fence repair professional in your area. Do you need to square up a fence or add corner brackets? Should you install a cable and turnbuckle or cinch and tighten the cable to the appropriate tension? Sometimes, it is so much better to let the experts do it if you don’t know how.

Call the experts in fence repair in your local area for assistance. Their expertise can provide you a more clear understanding as to whether your post can be repaired or reinforced or if it needs to be totally replaced.

How strong do you want your fence to be?

Ultimately, constructing your fence with the best materials and techniques possible on the get go is the best way to ensure the durability of your fence.

All fences naturally weaken, lean or rot. Sealing, pressure treating, or reinforcing with concrete can only do so much in the long run. It’s just a matter of time for fence posts to deteriorate or break at its greatest stress point. But a strong fence will be able to stand harsh weather and any other unforeseen instances that may require strength better for a lot longer.

Lastly, to maximize durability and lengthen the lifespan of your fence, assess your needs and do your research to ensure your fence will be constructed properly. Sometimes, small changes in the materials used and the design can easily double the lifespan of your fence.

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