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5 Privacy Fences You Can Get At An Affordable Price

For many households, privacy is of utmost importance. Done right, a privacy fence will not only improve your privacy but also enhance your security and curb appeal. There is also a potential for the fence to increase the value of your property.

Crucially, you can get all these benefits without having to break the bank. While privacy panels on the pricey end of the cost spectrum such as aluminum, will necessitate a huge capital spend, there are cheaper alternatives available on the market. The cost for privacy fence panels can be as cheap as under $30 per panel (and in some cases free). However, you need to factor in quality considerations and balance the cost of the fence panels and the esthetics, durability, and suitability when choosing the panels.

At BigEasyFences, we specialize in helping New Orleans property owners attain and maintain the level of privacy they yearn for while following all the recommendations and guidelines pertaining to residential property fencing.

From aesthetic considerations to safety, we can help you choose the right fencing material, the most suitable fence style to match the exterior decor of your home, and the best quality fence that yields the highest bang for your buck. Some of the cheapest fencings that you install in New Orleans include:

  •  Wood
  • Metal
  • Vinyl

Privacy Fence Ideas: The 5 Cheap Privacy Fence To Consider

Pallet Wood Fence - Big Easy Fences

1. Pallet Wood Fence Panels (Free To Low Cost)

Pallet fences can work well in any environment, whether in urban areas or in the countryside. The material and design of the panels are flexible enough to compliment your backyard décor whilst offering a low-cost solution to your privacy fence needs. The fence will keep nosy neighbors away from your business while letting in sunlight.

Pallet fences are perfect for DIY fencing. Depending on where you source the pallet, the entire fencing material might be free. However, if you want a professional look to complement your expertly designed backyard, call in the experts from BigEasyFences to help you out.

2. Metal Fence Panels ($24 To $32 Per Linear Foot)

Metal fences come in a wide variety of styles and materials. From aluminum fences to wrought iron fences and iron sheet fences you can never run out choices. The flexibility of metals allows users to choose the best fence design and style that suits their needs. For instance, for the ultimate in privacy, irons sheet panel fences are superb. Irons sheet fences are low maintenance, cheap, and offer high levels of privacy. On the other hand, wrought fence iron panels offer high levels of privacy while being aesthetically pleasing.

In a nutshell, there are metal fence panels to suit every homeowner and every budget.

3. Vinyl Fence Panels ($20-$30 Per Linear Foot)

A polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a great alternative to wood fencing panels. Unlike wood, vinyl fencing is more resistant to the elements – UV light and solar heat. As such, vinyl panels do not suffer from splinters and cracks occasioned by the year-round exposure to the sun. Moreover, the materials are not affected by insects and it does not rot. This makes vinyl fences a low-maintenance option.

While in some cases, the initial investment can be considerable, the longevity and low-maintenance nature of vinyl fences make this type of fencing cheap. Additionally, the increased competition among manufacturers and vendors in this market segment has lowered the overall cost while availing cheap vinyl fence panels that are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and offer great privacy.

One aspect of vinyl fences that adds to their appeal is the wide range of colors available. From classic white and tan to bold shades of red and blue, there is a vinyl fence color to suit every taste and style.

Some popular options include wood grain finishes, which give the fence a natural look, and multi-colored fences, which add visual interest and character to the landscape. Whatever your preference, a vinyl fence in the right color can enhance the appearance of your property and create a cohesive look with your home or business.

4. Living Privacy Fences (About $2 – $6 Per Linear Foot)

While this variety of fences are not necessarily ‘panel fences’, they are, nonetheless, cheap and effective in shoring up your privacy. If you think out-of-the-box, you can create an aesthetically pleasing privacy screen that also adds some greenery to your property. The best shrubs to grow as part of your living fence are the privets and yews.

Some privet species can grow from anywhere between 4 to 10 feet tall, the perfect height for hedge. Crucially, the semi-shrubs are very green, ensuring your fence always looks good. And after the privet grows tall, you can sculpt the hedge to your liking.

As for the yews, the shrub can grow to as high as 20 feet. It does well particularly in sunny climates typical of New Orleans. The only downside to planting yew is that it takes a long time before you get a mature hedge.

5. Lattice Top Privacy Panels

The lattice privacy panels are a twist to the traditional privacy panels. It adds a lattice top made of crisscrossed slates of wood or metal on top of a metallic, solid wood, or even vinyl panel. Lattice tops offer the blend of enhancing privacy while still allowing sunlight to pass into your compound. Moreover, property owners can still access the view outside.

What Is The Best Fence For Privacy?

There are no one-size-suits-all privacy fences for New Orleans homeowners. Every household will have different requirements, aspirations, and ideas for privacy fences. Furthermore, while this read covers the range of cheap privacy fences on the market, some fences are cheaper than others. Additionally, the performance of the different fences differ; some offer better privacy while others are more durable.

As such, the answer to this particular question is individual to every homeowner. Our experienced technicians are always at hand ready to help you choose the best Privacy fence styles that offer the best privacy while balancing all your other needs. We believe every home is unique and warrants individual treatment when deciding on the privacy fence screen to use.

Vinyl Fence Panels - Big Easy Fences

What Is The Best Privacy Fence Materials?

Due to the climatic condition in this part of the United States – warm summers and mild winters – the fence materials should be UV resistant and be capable of withstanding humidity as the minimum threshold. This consideration pegs with the durability of the fence; the fence ought to be durable.

The materials should also be easy to maintain. The fence should serve more than a privacy screen. It should be an extension of your home décor. It, therefore, goes without saying that you should be able to apply touch-ups to the materials to spruce up its esthetics when needed. Treated wood panels, metallic panels, and vinyl panels excel in all these aspects.

How Much Are Privacy Fence Panels?

The price of the privacy fence panels will depend on a myriad of things. Such factors include:

  •  The quality and robustness of the panels,
  • The design of the panels, etc.

In the case of salvaged and recycled pallets, the cost of the panels can be free. If you opt for metal or vinyl fence panels, you can expect up to $30 per linear foot for the cheap offerings.

What Is The Best Way To Maintain Your Privacy Fence?

For safety purposes, aesthetics, and a legal requirement, your fence should be well maintained. Moreover, to function as a privacy fence, it should be in tip-top condition all the time. To this end, you should take deliberate steps to maintain your privacy fence in the best condition possible.

For aesthetics, ensure the finish of the fence is in stunning condition – close to as good as new. Schedule regular professional pressure washing to rid the fence of any dirt, grime, and algae stinking. Additionally, every so often you could repaint the fence to give it a new shine.

On the structural front, ensure all the posts and structural support are structurally sound. One of the leading causes of fence deterioration is linked to the structural failure of support posts. Always ensure the structural components are in good condition.

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