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7 Best Fence Types for Your Home

The overwhelming number of choices for fence materials and fencing styles can make it very difficult to decide on the best fence type for your home. What are some factors you should consider? How will you be assured that the fence you choose to install for your home will last for years down the road?

Here’s what you need to know to select the best fence type to make your residential paradise more functional and appealing:

Types of Fences

Not two fences are the same. It is important that you know the differences between available residential fence types.

The type of fence you select will play a significant role in the external aesthetics of your home as well as the security benefits.

You can ask a fence professional to help you choose the best fence type as you consider factors like:

  • Budget
  • Architectural design and elements of your home
  • Features of the fence material
  • Purpose

You will also need to consider other elements, like:

  • Installation costs
  • Type of material
  • Level of Maintenance
  • Noise reduction
  • Earth retaining capabilities
  • Durability
  • Aesthetics

As you look for the strongest type of fencing for your home or the best fence material, spend some time learning about the options that are available in the fencing industry.

The most durable types of fence that you can select from include:

1. Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fence- Big Easy Fences

Vinyl fences are the most durable type of fence for your home. Vinyl Fences can add color and style, and are low – maintenance, lightweight, and effortless to work with. They are used in a good number of DIY fence projects: you just need to click the rails into the posts. When adequately installed, they can withstand high winds, rain, cold, and searing sunshine.

2. Pressure-Treated Wood

Wooden Fence- Big Easy Fences

A wood fence provides the warmth of countryside living. It is popular among homeowners because it is a budget-friendly fence to install, has a natural and aesthetic appeal, and can be equally durable to withstand the elements when exposed outdoors.

The wood used for fencing is treated with fungicide and chemicals to protect it from the weather and destructive insects like termites. Pressure-treated wood is also more resistant to moisture and rot.

3. Aluminum Fence

Aluminum is a very versatile fencing material that requires very minimal maintenance. It is one of the most popular choices for homeowners despite its costliness.

It is a cost-efficient fence material because of its low maintenance costs, rust-resistant features, and its ability to withstand any type of weather. You can choose from different colors and decorations for an aluminum fence.

4. Masonry

Masonry fence- Big Easy fences

If you want a classic or stately style of fencing for your home, pick masonry fencing. Although an overlooked material in fencing, one cannot deny its durability.

It encompasses concrete, brick, block, stucco, or stone, and can last for over a century with proper upkeep. Their durability makes them worth the upfront cost.

5. Wrought Iron Fence

You can get both intricacy and durability with a wrought iron fence. Make them easy to maintain by letting the fence installer apply coatings to make the fence rust-resistant.

Wrought iron fences can be quite expensive depending on the level of customization the homeowner wants, so be prepared to have a budget ready for the design, thickness, and height you want.

6. Chain Link Fence

Technology and product innovations have made the chain link fence a favorite type of fence for the home. You can have a rust-resistant chain link fence with metallic coatings installed. They need little maintenance, are cheap, and durable.

When installed properly, they are not susceptible to both storm and snow damage since strong winds pass through the open links, making them as durable as the other types of fence materials.

7. PVC Fence

A PVC fence is one of the most durable and cheap fence materials. The PVC fence provides many options for the homeowner to choose its color and height.

PVC fences are usually inserted on top of wood fences for added protection and durability.

Best Fence Design For Your Home

There are many sorts of fence designs and styles today in a variety of colors and materials. The best fence style would depend primarily on the architectural style of your home.

The style you select should match the overall aesthetics of your property, which includes elements like architectural style, exterior color, and natural features of the area.

Architectural Style and Fence Design

When you decide on a fencing design, consider the different architectural styles of homes.

The options for fence design for a home include:

  • Privacy fence,
  • Lattice fence,
  • Spaced Picket fence,
  • Scalloped fence,
  • Dog-eared fence,
  • Squared fence,
  • Farm fence,
  • Paddock and estate fence,
  • Board-onboard shadowbox fence

Here are examples of architectural styles of homes and the best fence design that will match the style:

  • Ranch style: traditional feel – picket fence.
  • Colonial revival: traditional, classy, and elegant – white picket fence or metal fence with ornamentation.
  • Neoclassical: classical – tall metallic fences (steel or aluminum).
  • Spanish revival: arched windows and doorways with wide doors – metallic, brick, and stone fences.
  • French: traditional and countryside – metal or rustic wood fence.
  • Tudor: contemporary – modern wooden fence.
  • Cape-cod: symmetry, traditional American – white picket fence.
  • Modern: geometrical with large spaces – minimalist fence with horizontal panels.
  • Arts and craft: artistic, multicultural feel, spacious, rustic – wood or picket fence.
  • Futuristic: modern, sleek, various shapes and sizes – metal or glass fence.

Choose the best fence style to match your home that will not only make your home more beautiful but will serve its purpose of providing additional security.

Talk to a professional fencing contractor about your options and your preferences for fence materials and design.

Install the Best Fence Material and Design For Your Home

Know everything you need to know about fence materials, fence designs, and preparing a budget for your fence.

This will save you from installing a fence that does not meet your needs and that does not suit your budget.

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