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Here’s an Easy Guide To Automatic Gate Openers

If you already have a gate or are still planning to install one for your home, there is a question you can start asking.

How can you make opening and closing your gate easier and more convenient?

How do you save time and effort lost from opening and closing the gate yourself? The answer is an automatic gate opener.

Benefits Of Having An Automatic Gate Opener

So, you have considered the thought of the automatic gate openers.

But you are not convinced about why you should get one for your house. We have rounded up the most basic advantages of owning an automatic gate opener.

If these qualities start to make an appeal to you, then it is time to consider buying a gate opener.

Enhanced Security & Privacy

A regular gate will be easy to open by almost anyone. A lock can secure it but it would be enough, plus you would have another key to make sure you don’t misplace.

Your security is tighter with an automatic gate opener. You control when your gate opens and closes.

Since you are in control, you can also track who goes in and out of your property. Inbuilt security features are part of automatic gate openers for even when you leave.

Check out these other privacy fences if you want to expand your options.


The most common dilemma with opening and closing a gate is the time and effort we lose to do it:

  • You open the gate, start the car, and drive out. You park, get out of the car and close the gate. Then finally, you get back to the car, put your seatbelt on, and drive away.
  • This sequence becomes harder when you’re in a hurry or responding to an emergency. It also becomes a hassle in weather conditions like raining or snowing.

Would it not be more satisfying to get in the car, prompt your automatic gate opener then drive away?

Increased Curb Appeal

If you will be selling your property, you can see an increase in your curb appeal with an automatic gate opener.

No matter what your gate looks like, you can find a gate opener that will fit your gate. It would also give you extra points from potential buyers.

Different Types Of Automatic Gates Openers

No automatic gate openers are the same.

Looking for the perfect one for you would depend on your needs.

Here are the basic features you can consider:

Single, Dual, or Sliding Gates

electric gate Single swing gates have one frame that opens on one side.

The whole gate would need support from one opener.

Most single gates have lightweight materials since it is secured on one side only.

In the event of heavier gates, choose a gate opener that can also support the whole weight of the gate.

For larger areas or driveways, homeowners use a dual or double gate.

Two swinging gates can open and close which will need two automatic gate openers.

In some cases, you can choose to only use one automatic gate opener especially if you do not have to use the whole gate.

Sliding gates are very different from single or double sliding gates.

They are not hinged to a post or wall but move through the wheels attached beneath it.

Gate Control

You also have a lot of options on how you can control your automatic gate opener.

You can trigger the opening and closing depending on the gate control that you choose.

The most common automatic gate openers control is through remote control. You can bring the remote with you anywhere.

There are many versions like the standard two buttons for open or close mechanism. Other advanced remotes have more features.

You also need to be in the range of the gate for the remote to work. You can’t be too far, a three feet distance works for most remotes. There are remotes that also work through Bluetooth or infrared.

Using the keypad is another option. You would need to enter a code to trigger the opening and closing the gate.

This would be a convenient option for those who dislike carrying a key or remote. You would also have an option to change your code. This would be the most secure control for automatic gate openers.

Electric Gate Opener Versus Solar Powered Gate Opener

electric gate opener Another feature that people need to decide on about automatic gate openers is how you will power it. You can power it through electricity, solar panels, or battery backups.

The most popular way to power gate openers is through electricity or solar power.

  • By powering your automatic gate opener with electricity, you would need to connect to an AC power.
  • This will then be connected to your electric main. This would also mean that you would need to take care of wiring if it is not yet installed.
  • AC power is best if you would be opening and closing the gate many times throughout the day. But once the power is out, you would not be able to operate the gate and it can also be stuck in mid-open or close.

Solar-powered gate openers are gaining popularity these days. A solar panel is located near the automatic gate opener.

This relies on the sun’s energy to operate so if you get a lot of sun in your area, your gate will always have power.

Many models are affordable and can help you conserve energy. If you needed your gate to operate more than eight times in a day though, solar power might not be enough.

The Best Brands for Automatic Gate Openers

There are a lot of brands of automatic gate openers available in the market.

BeOnHome.com suggests these brands based on operation, power, durability, and price.

They even observed the mechanism of the gate opener when the gate hits an obstruction.

  • Mighty Mule
  • USAutomatic
  • Liftmaster
  • Ghost Controls

An automatic gate opener is an important investment you will make. Find trusted installers in the New Orleans area like Big Easy Fences.

We will cater to your needs and area so you get the perfect automatic gate opener.

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